Curtain Call by Barrie Richardson Dozens of wonderful tricks, routines and tools for mentalists, including his entire professional act! Most highly recommended.
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Barrie Richardson Collector's Set Limited to only 300 copies this is a deluxe set of Barrie Richardson's 3 books, in a beautiful slip case. Over 100 tricks spanning nearly 1,000 pages. 59 LEFT IN STOCK.
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CD Barrie Richardson Collection This cd-rom contains 43 of Barrie's best routines, tricks, and Devices. Contained in pdf file format on the cd are 4 collections of Barrie's lecture notes, and 4 of Barrie's routines. Each pdf file contains several illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions.Lectures & Routines Included:- Lect
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Quartet trick Barrie Richardson This effect closely follows a trick from Barrie's book Theater of the Mind. In that effect, the performer gives a split deck to two helpers.The performer then retrieves a few cards from each of the helpers and goes on to explain how he uses a simple memory system to recall each card. He teaches this
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Optical Brainwave trick Barrie Richardson Effect: Any card is freely called out and then a deck of ordinary cards are removed from their case and fanned faces showing, one card is seen to be turned face down. It is the card that was named. Astounding! The cards can then be used again for other card tricks!
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Spooky Key trick Barrie Richardson EffectThe performer tells a story about a visit he made as a boy to an abandoned insane asylum in Lake Geneva with his cousin. According to legend, one of the rooms was called "The Death Room." This was where extremely sick or incorrigible residents were placed and left to die. In the door, there wa
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Act Two by Barrie Richardson (Standard Hardcover) 54 tricks, ideas and routines most including full professional presentations. A must-have addition to any mentalist's library.
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Theater of the Mind by Barrie Richardson (Standard Hardcover) Considered essential by professional mentalists, this large volume includes 53 incredible mental routines, many with complete professional routines.
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Impromptu Card at Any Number trick Barrie Richardson If you learn only one card trick in your lifetime, make sure this is it!Learn why this is one of Barrie Richardson's favorite card tricks. Like you, Barrie knows hundreds of card tricks, but this demonstration is special. Here are a few of the features: The demonstration can be performed with anyone
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Astonishing Rice Jar by Barrie Richardson - Trick This is an amazing demonstration that Barrie has brought to life once again as featured in his newest book, "Act Two." People who have witnessed this stunt can recall it many years later. How many card or coin tricks fall into this category? How many stage illusions are this memorable? The plot, lik
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Totally Impossible Card Revelation trick Barrie Richardson This is Barrie's favorite mind-reading effect using a deck of cards. A person thinks of a card, and the performer discovers its identity in a dramatic fashion. What makes this demonstration different from other card discoveries is that it can be done with a borrowed deck without any handling of the
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Magic and Mentalism of Barrie Richardson Vol 1 by Barrie Richardson and L&L - DVD VOLUME ONE - PLATFORM MAGIC Ovation Position - A surprising opening routine that involves the entire audience and ends with the production of a huge glass of water - and no gimmick is required! Impossible Knot Routine - A metaphor for how most of us say something is impossible when in fact it can be
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Magic and Mentalism of Barrie Richardson Vol 2 by Barrie Richardson and L&L - DVD VOLUME TWO - THE MAGIC OF YOUR MIND Choices Have Consequences - A Bank Night effect with meaning, three envelopes are presented to two spectators yet the performer is left with the big prize. Nevertheless, the performer is also forced to learn that choices do, indeed, have consequences. No gimmicks,
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Magic and Mentalism of Barrie Richardson Vol 3 by Barrie Richardson and L&L - DVD VOLUME THREE - MENTAL AEROBICS: MEMORY AND METAPHOR Quartet - Playing cards are fairly shuffled by a spectator and yet, when the cards are distributed to four participants, the performer reveals them with stunning speed and inerrancy. This is an extremely commercial effect that looks and feels like
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Boon For All Seasons book Barrie Richardson and Eric Mason This manuscript details the use of one of the most storied and effective magic marking systems available, the boon. From the construction of a boon to the proper uses and routines, this booklet has it all. The magic that can be achieved with this little item is truly breathtaking. You can perform hi
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Sobriety Test - Entertaining & Unexpected Wine Bottle Production by Jonathan Royle, Barrie Richardson & Patrick Page Mixed Media DOWNLOAD This is the exact routine that Royle used when opening for famous comedian and film star Lee Evans at Manchesters Buzz Club and indeed he also performed it around the world to thunderous applause on many occasions, as will you when you have learned this truly real world commercial routine.Things sta
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