Never by J.P. Vallarino - Trick EffectWith this effect you will be able to show people the correct and incorrect way to open a deck of cards. Contents:All the items needed to accomplish this effect.
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Airline Concept by JP Vallarino - Trick Imagine that you could materialize any small object that would be pined on a picture card attached to your shirt. You just touch the picture card and any small object matching the card will be materialized instantly... coin, sponge ball, lighter, cigarette, a small flower etc.This effect will be eas
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ECHO by JP Vallarino - (DVD & Gimmicks) - Trick Imagine... your spectator selects 4 cards from their own deck, shuffles the cards and spreads these cards face down on the table out of your sight... imagine that at the very beginning you have left him a piece of cardboard he will touch and only he will be allowed to read it at the very e
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Imagination (DVD & Gimmicks) by JP Vallarino - Trick A trick out of this world for the public. The magician never touches the deck. Everything seems to happen in the spectator's mind... but...Ask your spectator to shuffle and cut an IMAGINARY deck and to put back a part of it on the mat. The spectator now counts the amount of imaginary cards left in h
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Unhanded (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by JP Vallarino - Trick Imagine being in full control of a spectator's card, without EVER touching the cards. Impossible!? Welcome to J.P. Vallarino's UNHANDED!This is the ultimate card control utility - they choose, they sign, they cut, they shuffle, and they can even place the deck back into the card box to make it compl
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Apocalypse 2.0 - JP Vallarino - Trick You take a portfolio out of your pocket and insist that there is an envelope containing a prediction. The envelope exceeds the portfolio so everyone can see it.You ask the spectators to place on the table about ten items belonging to them (lighter, card, phone, coin, hamster... anything is possible!
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Off World (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by JP Vallarino - Trick From the creative mind of JP Vallarino comes the most revolutionary version of Out of This World you will ever perform! Imagine taking a classic plot in magic and breaking it down into what really makes it special. Throw out all the procedure, get rid of all that long drawn out dealing, do away any
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Poche A Poche (Card to Wallet) by J.P. Vallarino - Trick Poche A Poche (Card to Wallet)by J.P. VallarinoEffectA randomly selected card is signed and placed, along with the rest of the deck, back into the card box. The magician places said deck in their jacket pocket. Instantly, the magician comments that they felt something in their pocket. Removing their
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Killer Card Case by JP Vallarino & Yuri Kaine PAL version - Trick A chosen card is signed and lost in the deck.In one gesture, the magician vanishes all the faces of the cards...from now all the face of the cards are completely blanks! And the chosen card has vanish as well...The magician removes a card case from his pocket (the card case could have been on the ta
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