Maleficium By Paul Prater - Book To be honest, at first I was at a bit of a loss as to what to write about this book- Whenever I say that something we are publishing is beautiful, inventive, clever, creative and more it sounds self serving, even when it is true. With this book, I am tempted to say, "Just scroll down and look at the
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Freaks by Paul Prater - Trick A simple to perform routine hearkening back to the days of the sideshow that allows you to connect with one audience member. In the days of the sideshow, performers were celebrities. Some were fabulously wealthy and some were not. Regardless, they all would sell photo cards to make extra money and s
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The Sign by Paul Prater - Trick It is a fact that the most interesting thing in the world is you. This is a truth for everyone. They are always the most important thing in their world. If you can focus a routine on your spectator, it is infinitely more personal.This routine allows you to do so with little more than a card you pull
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Outsider by Paul Prater - Trick If you loved Freaks, then you will love this. This is the high powered version!Five art prints. A dubious past. Insanity, suicide and a connection with the past. It is rumored that the prints can transport you. That maybe you can be pulled in the picture, and become a part of it.The performer passes
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Embryos by Paul Prater - Book Embryos is Paul Prater's compilation of routines spanning eight years of stage shows. However, Embryos is much more than that. Paul also covers how to incorporate themes and concepts into a coherent show. He provides tips for finding space and how to market your show. He discusses not only successes
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The Witch of Glastonbury by Paul Prater - Trick A story is told about a fortuneteller. As the mage tells his story he illustrates it using old tarot cards. Regardless of the choices made, one always meets death. However death is the better option than who he truly meets in the end. The surprising revelation will leave your audience gasping.This p
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Magic of The Medicine Show (With DVD) by Paul Prater and Leaping Lizards - DVD From the author of Malefecium, we present this unique introduction to the medcine show. The Magic Of The Medicine Show By Paul PraterSome Of The Sections: History of the Medicine show- great background material on what the medicine show really was and from where it evolved. Must know stuff if you
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