P'INK by Ran Pink The most anticipated release of the year. Redefine what's possible, reveal anything, reburn matches, even rewrite history. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. LIMITED QUANTITY.
In stock. $29.95
Think Pink booklet by Ran Pink (booklet) This is THE work on the center tear!
In stock. $18.75
close-up mentalism
Think Pink! by Ran Pink (E-Book) Think Pink is one of the most powerful tools you will have at your disposal, these touches that are offered here are priceless. If you really want someone to think you can reach inside their mind and reveal their innermost thoughts, this is the one thing you MUST know." Andrew GerardIn 2004 Think P
In stock. $29.99
Think Pink COMPLETE by Ran Pink (Instant Download) Used by pro mind-readers around the world. Everything you need to read minds anywhere you go. START LEARNING INSTANTLY. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $9.95
business-card center-tear mentalism mind-reading p3 pen ran-pink
tctilis by Ran Pink (E-Book) A Second Sight Routine Using Business Cards
In stock. $10.00
T-REX by Ran Pink (Book + DVD) One of the sneakiest, fastest and most natural ways to tear and secretly read what’s written on a folded piece of paper. LIMITED SUPPLY JUST ARRIVED. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $60.00
backstage book center-tear dvd mentalism mind-reading
CUT by Ran Pink (Download+Gimmick) CUT and RESTORE your skin using ANY sharp object. No trick knives. Just pure shock, then immediate AWE. LIMITED SUPPLY. PERFECT FOR HALLOWEEN.
Out of stock. $59.95
backstage bizarre bleed blood close-up cut ran-pink scary street-magic
White Room by Ran Pink (E-Book) White Room is a technique you can use to create a direct mind reading experience using nothing but the imagination. The premise is turning imagination into reality.You will always have this with you, because it uses nothing but words.Imagine being able to tell a person what card they have arrived at
In stock. $20.00
The ZEN SYSTEM ePackage by Ran Pink (Instant Download) Got back last night and read your Zen system at last. I think this is very good. I like it especially because it fits in perfectly with the way I do readings. -Bob CassidyRan Pinks ZEN is really superb. It is a clever way to get someones Zodiac Sign and then their exact birthday! All you need are th
In stock. $35.00
download mentalism
Palm Prophet by Ran Pink (PDF eBook Download) 5 effects using only a pair of hands and a brain. LEARN INSTANTLY. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $20.00
mentalism mind-reading ran-pink
Cut 2.0 LIMITED by Ran Pink (Download+Gimmick) CUT and RESTORE your skin using ANY sharp object. No trick knives. Just pure shock, then immediate AWE. LIMITED SUPPLY. PERFECT FOR HALLOWEEN.
In stock. $59.95
bizarre geek halloween knife
BirthRight by Ran Pink and Paul Carnazzo - Trick What is BirthRight?BirthRight goes beyond Zodiac Divination and allows you to know the most important day of your participant's life...their birthday! BirthRight is a tool you will carry with you wherever you go! Imagine being able to divine anyone's birthday at any time. BirthRight is a perfect too
In stock. $32.00
close-up mentalism stage street
Conscious Magic Episode 2 (Get Lucky, Becoming, Radio, Fifty 50) with Ran Pink and Andrew Gerard - DVD "When I see Ran or Andrew's name on a product, I instantly want to learn it because I know it's going to be well thought out and above all, a real world worker. To hear Ran and AG have now joined forces on a series of products has got me very excited. My order is in as should yours be! Their routine
In stock. $35.00
Limited Deluxe Edition Conscious Magic Episode 1 (T-Rex and Real World plus Gimmicks) with Ran Pink and Andrew Gerard - DVD The Limited Deluxe Edition includes a genuine set of LoopsSupplies are limited!"Gerard has been the greatest influence on my professional career to date. His presentation of Out of This World is the only one I use - I tried to duct tape his mouth to keep it to myself but alas Ran Pink removed the ta
Out of stock. $35.00
center-tear dvd mentalism out-of-this-world
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