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Shawn Farquhar, Jay Sankey, David Regal, Dan Harlan, and more! A 2-day event you'll never forget. SEATS ARE GOING FAST. REGISTER TODAY.
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What is it?

The Penguin Magic Experience and Expo (MAXX) is your chance to hang out with, and learn cutting edge magic from some of the world's best magicians. And when we say hang out with, we mean it. Hanging out is ON THE SCHEDULE.

Penguin MAXX events are your chance to sit down with the top pros and learn the best-kept secrets in magic that you can’t learn anywhere else. These live events are packed with lectures and workshops from some of the best magicians in the world. Not only do you learn, but you get access. MAXX is strictly limited to 300 spots, so you can ask the questions that matter during the lecture, get the hands-on learning you need during the workshops, and get the quality time you want with your favorite creators during the jam session.

While you’re at MAXX be sure to stop into the dealer’s room to see some of the newest magic, some of it not even released yet. If all that wasn’t enough the Penguin team is on hand to look for the next hit effect. Some of the best selling tricks of the last few years were discovered at MAXX events. Penguin MAXX is your ticket to maximum access.

When is it?


Friday Schedule

5:00p Dealer Room Opens - This is a fantastic opportunity to see and buy some of the best magic available. The dealer room is open from 5:00p to 8:30p on Friday and from 12:30p to 6p on Saturday.
7:00p Magic Show - A full evening show featuring many of our headliners, and other surprises!!
8:30p Penguin Magic Lecture - A lecture featuring the latest and greatest magic on the market, along with some new releases.
10:00p Dan Harlan Lecture - Always innovative, Dan Harlan shares his latest creations with you. Brand new ideas, routines, and presentations will get your gears spinning at full speed. Plus, you'll be the first to experience a sneak preview of Harlan's current projects. Cutting-edge concepts from a magical mastermind.

Saturday Schedule

9:30a Brent Braun Lecture - Consistently regarded as one of the top creators working today and has created some of the top selling magic of the last two decades.
11:00a Making a Magic Product Workshop - Learn the basics of releasing a trick to the magic community. Shaun Dunn has over a decades worth of experience in the magic industry. In this on demand workshop Shaun will walk you through what makes a great product for magicians and be available to see any of your own creations.
11:30a Jay Sankey Show/Lecture - Jay is a true magician's magician and is widely considered to be one of the most original thinkers and finest magic teachers alive today. He is also one of the most prolific magic creators on the planet. At last count Jay has created well over 700 original magic effects.
12:30p Dealer Room Opens - This is a fantastic opportunity to see and buy some of the best magic available. The dealer room is open from 12:30p to 6p on Saturday.
1:30p Levitation Workshop - If you have ever wanted to perform astounding magic where objects seem to move and float on their own, this is your opportunity. You will learn real world levitation techniques that can be used anytime, anywhere. Even if you have never used invisible thread before, this workshop will give you the confidence, and teach you everything you need to know.
2:30p Greatest Of All Bar Bets Workshop - Learn the coolest bar bets and cons from the world's foremost expert on the subject. Diamond Jim Tyler has been featured on Scam School and he is the author of the Bamboozler series of books. Often referred to as the Bible of bar bets Diamond Jim is the REAL DEAL.
3:30p Rubber Band Workshop - Dan Harlan was instrumental in popularizing magic with rubber bands and is widely considered a master of rubber band magic. With Dan's help you will quickly learn the seemingly complicated twists and turns of rubber band magic giving you the confidence to perform like a master.
4:30p David Regal Show/Lecture - Author, television magic producer, Magic Castle performer AND hilarious magic creator. Two-time recipient of the “Lecturer of the Year” award from the Academy of Magical Arts.
7p Shawn Farquhar Show/Lecture - Shawn has been entertaining audiences around the globe for over two decades. The IBM awarded him both STAGE MAGICIAN and SLEIGHT OF HAND MAGICIAN OF THE YEAR, making him the ONLY magician in history to win BOTH world championships.
8:30p Headliner Panel and Q&A - Ask your magic questions to any of the headliners in this star-studded panel discussion and Q&A session.
9:30p Penguin Jam Session - Ask anyone of the headliners anything you like, this is YOUR time to hangout and ask all the questions you thought of too late, to see the moves you wanted a closer look at from the show or from a lecture, or to swap jokes, moves or just generally gawk and get autographs :)


Strictly limited to 300 attendees!! - $59.95

Whats included?

  • 6 Full Magic Lectures
  • 4 Workshops
  • Magic Shows
  • Dealers Hall Access
  • Headliner Panel and Q&A
  • Penguin Magic Jam Session Pass


  • Penguin Magic
  • Brent Braun
  • Diamond Jim Tyler
  • Michael Kaminskas
  • Greg Rostami
  • Trick Supply
  • Texas Association of Magicians
  • Iowa Magic Shop

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In depth review Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 11th, 2018
My review for Penguin Magic’s MAXX convention

In 2015 penguin magic introduced the penguin live expo. A 1 day event (more of a dealer hall) with mini workshops and pro tip sessions. It was a chance to see many of your favorite creators.

In 2018 they Introduced MAXX. A 2 day mini convention that’s up close and personal with your favorite people. They opened with a show featuring the best performers. Dan Harlan, chad long, Michael Weber, losander, and more. There were many technical difficulties with lights, sound, and video, but overall, it was awesome to see them perform in person. They had a few full lectures, and a few pro tip sessions. The pro tip sessions felt more like dealer demos than actual tip sessions.

On day 2 they opened the dealer hall and it was a bit crowded and cramped. You had to wait several minutes to get to the front to see anything. I think In the future they should have a bigger space and be more spread out.

The full lectures were great.. chad long sure seemed to live up to his name. He defiantly went on a bit too long, and it didn’t leave much time Between events to go eat.

The final event was the jam session hosted by Daniel Garcia. It stared off with a q&a and kicked off with multiple tables in the back for the pros to come and jam.

Some of the best parts, as with every convention, is the jam sessions that just naturally happen. You meet some of the greatest people.

My favorite part was the access to the creators. Nicholas Lawrence was by far the easiest person to talk to. He is super friendly and loves the art.

The 2 negatives I can give would be that on the future the pro tip sessions be less dealer demo, and more real world tips.

And finally. The “goodie bag” with $60 of value. My fears were confirmed when I got my bag. There was an x deck, a marked deck, penguin sampler, Tarbell sampler, penguin magazine and a $10 voucher.

Most of us are subscribed to penguin live and Tarbell, we order more than $50 a month so we get the magazine anyway. So really all we got was a green x deck, marked deck, and a $10 voucher. Not bad, I just would like them to give things that most people want. I don’t think
Many people want Tarbell or penguin sampler. And I guarantee you we already have 10 of the magazines.

Overall I would rate the experience 8/10. It’s a great way to get up close with the stars of magic and show them things you have been working on. Defiantly consider going to one if you have the chance.
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HUGE improvement from last year! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 3rd, 2018
Wow. What a jump Penguin made from last year’s “Penguin Expo’s” to this year’s “Maxx East!” Admittedly there was some sticker shock, as I think last year’s early bird price was $19.99 and this year’s was $99.99. So the mega question is “Was it worth it?” And the Answer is “Yes! Yes! Yes!” The biggest difference between the two formats was that before it was essentially a dealer fair with a headliner (Mark Wilson at the one I attended,) and several shorter seminars with a little teaching and a lot of selling.

But this year, there were about a half-dozen headliners and a TON of teaching. I filled up five single-spaced notebook pages with comments. It opened with the “Gala Show,” which I would have easily paid $35 for just on its own. For somebody who follows magic closely, it was a special treat to see so many top-tier magicians perform their signature effects, such as Lousander’s “Levitating Table,” Diamond Jim’s Tyler’s “Diamond Jack” routine, Dan Harlan’s “Card In Glass” routine with a cheese sandwich, and Michael Kamiskas’ “Cups and Balls.” (The latter effect is one that everybody does, and hardly anybody does well.) I’d put Kamiskas’ routine up against any I’ve seen before, and that includes Gazzo’s busking routine, and Penn & Teller’s clear cup routine.

While the classes included a ton of teaching, they didn’t diminish from the dealer’s room. Most of the dealers had show specials, and many had products that weren’t yet available online. I especially enjoyed chatting with Chad Long and John Lovick/Handsome Jack.

You could tell that Penguin really paid attention to the comments from last year’s expos and made some distinct improvements. For one, the lecture hall had much better sound, big screen projection and most importantly, was separated from the noise and hubbub of the dealer’s room. The higher price tag and longer, more detailed format, cut the crowd down to a manageable size, which was great. While I enjoyed last year, the crowds made it tough to see the dealer demos, seating for the speakers was limited, and there were too many people and novice questions to have an effective back and forth dialog between the teachers and the audience.

You’ve likely heard the cliché’, “If you learn one thing you’ll use from a class, product or book, it will be worth it.” Well in the case of Penguin’s Maxx East, that adage proved itself many times over. I learned a lot more than just one thing, and much of that will be going into my performances immediately!
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Ssssshhhhhhhh Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 14th, 2019
Very much enjoying Maxx East 2019 so far, but I’d be enjoying the performances and lectures even more if people wouldn’t show up with their decks of cards and sit their riffling them the whole time. It’s ok if you want to shadow a move being taught, but if you need to work on your faro during a coin routine, maybe you could do it elsewhere?
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Outstanding! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 9th, 2018
I cannot say enough about the quality of this event. The lectures were not only extremly entertaining but each presenter provided some great, really, really useable stuff that will definetly make its way into my routines and make them better. And I can’t tell you how much fun I had talking with Daniel Garcia who couldn’t have been friendlier and was more then happy to share tips and slights with anyone who asked. My single regret is I didn’t have my 10 yo daughter with me so she could have seen Losander’s lecture on floating. His floating bubble routine, which I watched from just feet away, is a truly beautiful piece of art that can only be truly appreciated in person. I wish I could give this 10 stars. If this event comes anywhere near you GO!
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MAXX Atlanta 2018 Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 8th, 2018
This will be a totally honest review. Maxx Atlanta was one of the best conventions I have been too in a long time. The all-star line up of performers was amazing...Dan Harlan, Michael Weber, Mike Kaminskas, Diamond Kim Tyler, Daniel Garcia, Chad Long, Brent Braun, Losander, and the legend himself Gazzo.

The performances and lectures were incredible as to be expected, but as with most magic conventions, some of the most amazing talent was found among the amateur attendees. They may not be famous like the big name pros, but their magic was performed with equal skill.

Gazzo's lecture was worth the price of admission, especially seeing how he dealt with an arrogant, know-it-all, punk kid who, with a great level of DISresepect, tried to ruin his performance. Gazzo handled it better than most magicians in the audience. Gazzo handled it with grace and a quick wit. Most magicians wanted ( and it was probably needed) to give the punk kid a swift kick in the sponge balls.

The stars were kind and generous with sharing their time and secret methods. The attending amateurs were equally as generous and willing to help. There were sadly a few YouTube type of younger magicians there. Let's just hope their attitude changes while they are young. My best advice to these up and coming magicians...shut up and listen to those who have been there been there and done that long before you. Learn from their experience so you can become a better performer without all the problems the more experienced magicians faced in their careers. Magic has been around for many centuries. The older guys are treasure chests of knowledge and experience. Learn from them instead of thinking of them as old school. Magic itself is an old school art.

The event went pretty smoothly. At time it was like organized chaos, but that just adds to the fun and is to be expected with any live event.

For me, the only negative point was the open bar. I'm not a drinker and unfortunately, some of those attending tend to drink too heavily. A sloppy drunk is just that, even when he's a great magician when sober.

Overall, it was one of the best events I have attended. I look forward to the next one. I made some great new friends and some great new business relationships.

Thanks, Penguin. Let's do it again.
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Atlanta Maxx South Review 2018 Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 1st, 2018
A tremendous value. Make haste if it comes your way. Inspiration, entertainment and camaraderie abound. You’ll leave inspired, enthused, perhaps with a few new friends, certainly with some new tricks.
Friday night's Gala Show had some tender moments:
One act’s fire-eating intro made for great theater, then POOF! he vanished into darkness. Bouncing along the stage before a salt routine, a well-known gimmick made a surprise debut with another act (we all knew how that trick worked anyway). Later, a wallet prediction fell flat when an uncooperative deck proved to be missing some cards (most magicians are a few cards short). If you wanted to see a close-up, you had to wait ten seconds, because the cameras went on strike. Yes, it was evening of live magic, performed by actual human beings!
Yet miracles abounded. Dan Harlan, the perfect MC, kept the ship afloat with panache, aplomb and a wicked Coke Transposition. Losander’s effects were bigger than life, he received a near standing O after his set. Favs were his Ashrah Floating Table and Thumb Tie routine.
Just who is Michael Weber? Clearly, someone who thinks critically about the presentation of his mentalism effects. One utilized all the cards included in the Penguin marked deck, another discerned a “thought of” card from random piles only the spectator touched. Thought provoking.
“Say hello to your wife for me,” Gazzo told a few guys, as he served fresh candy with tongs to the crowd. How kind! He had warm sentiments for everyone, and many were laughing, riotously so. His egg bag routine fried those in the know and when he did his cups, he had balls. Some are great, but Gazzo? Just a little grater. Gazzo killed it, and his showcase was a definite highlight.
Sat. morn, 10 am: dealer room packed, 'cause everyone loves to see trick demos and buy way past their budget. The mini-lectures were in another room, a smart move. All were entertaining. Losander's floating bubbles particularly memorable. Diamond Jim Taylor fired off rapid one-liners with his flashy tricks. Dan Kaminski: a walking Cups and Balls encyclopedia. The lectures were best when they didn’t seem like extended dealer demos trying to push products.
Dan Harlan’s lecture hit a nice balance of theory, ideas and effects. Personally, this lecture felt most like a “lecture,” in that he went in depth about routines, presentation, and what constitutes a good effect. His infamous “Sandwich” routine was a highlight. Interestingly, he wasn't trying to sell anything.
I missed the Q & A panel, but did talk to Danny Garcia, who’s always a super nice guy willing to show and explain a trick. Nicholas Lawrence: very cool as well and I think In The Clear and Hoover Card were big sellers at the con.
All and all, a fun con worth your time and I hope it continues.
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My .02 Worth Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 8th, 2018
Here's my down and dirty review of the Atlanta Penguin MAAX event.

Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start.

The line to the Registration table was slow. Once you got to the table though it was quick and easy. The Friday night show was fraught with issues, both technical and otherwise. (I need not go into detail.) The Penguin crew, capably led by Brent Braun, did their level best to stay atop the technical problems and did a fine job of fixing most of them by the midpoint of the show.

Many of the performers had off nights. They were, in some cases, inadequately prepared, and in others not in best form. Several tricks and effects failed, and there were glitches galore. (Again, I need not go into detail. Everyone has off nights and performances.) That said all of the performers handled the problems with aplomb and professionalism. Even to the point of calling-back the incidents on Saturday for laughs.

Dan Harlan did a jam-up job as emcee. He kept the show rolling, kept the audience laughing, and glued everything together seamlessly.

Michael Weber’s Friday night lecture was excellent. Lots of wonderful ideas, several of them incorporating a deck of marked cards given to attendees.

Gazzo was the highlight of Friday night. I am so glad I had the chance to see him live. Irreverent, not at all PC, and sharp of wit, he opened his set with a solid 15 minutes of wise cracks, jokes, and comments directed toward audience members, including me. While some of the humor was, perhaps, ill-advised in these times, Gazzo managed to get away with it. His technical skill is impeccable, his stage presence relaxed and confident. He was always in control, even when a volunteer assistant opted to be less-than cooperative. Gazzo gave the unruly kid a bit of business, but took care of him in the end. His act was filled with magic, mirth, and bits of business.

After his formal set and Q&A, Gazzo asked if we’d like to see his current sit-down cups and balls routine. (He is doing more shows while seated now because, “I’m getting old.”)We declined the offer. Not! He set up and performed the new set and it was fantastic. I had a second row seat and despite being on the lookout never saw the final loads being shoved inside the cups. I’ll say it again: I am so glad I had the chance to see him. (There’s a current thread around here about funniest magician, well I now have a new number one!)

Saturday began with the opening of the dealer’s room. Penguin Magic, Michael Weber, Dirk Losander, Diamond Jim Tyler, Michael Kaminskas, and Daniel Garcia were doing brisk business from the moment the doors opened at 10:00 until the closed at 4:00. Chad Long set up later in the day and was a hit as well.

(I managed to keep my wallet in my pocket while in the Dealer’s Room. Well, almost. I could not resist one of Michael Kaminskas’ beautiful Chop Cups. Hey, I have been in the market for a while, so it wasn’t an impulse purchase, was it?! Man, I could gush over that thing! The action is smooth and it doesn’t require slamming it onto the table top.)

The hourly mini-lectures were nice, with performers offering pet routines, advice, and answering questions. The proper lectures began in the afternoon and were all wonderful. The highlights for me were Brent Braun and Diamond Jim, although Losander was a close second. (This in no way diminishes the other lecturers. The three I mentioned appealed to me, that’s all.)

I did not stay for the late-night jam session. After a long week, a lack of sleep, and a magic overload this old man was ready to head home.

Overall impressions: Brent Braun and his crew worked their ever-loving arses off to make the event a success. Brent really impressed me: His energy, enthusiasm, and skills as a magician, as well as his work ethic and obvious desire to see that everyone had a great time. I’d attend another Penguin event without hesitation. I had fun, made friends, met some great people and even ran into a couple of old acquaintances. Great value for the price – I got in on the 40% discount rate of $60.00, but even at full price I think the value was there. I'm going to give this event five stars despite those aforementioned issue since in the end they did not detract from the fun.
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INCREDIBLE Value! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 8th, 2018
It's nearly 3am in the morning the day after this conference as I write this review. That's because I've just gotten to my room after staying up all night to hang out with some of magics brightest stars. The value I've gotten out of this conference is tough to beat. Besides mingling with some of my heros, other highlights included the following.

Gazzo had the audience dying from laughter during his performance.

Losander had our jaws on the floor when he reminded us what it felt like to see magic for the first time.

Dan Harlan showed us how even the classics can be improved (sometimes the methods and sometimes the presentations)

Chad Long featured some great comedic gags and his magic was practical and fun to watch.

Diamond Jim, Daniel Garcia, Brent Braun, and all of the other acts also provided amazing moments, advice, and face time.

To be honest, if you missed this event you missed out! If the Maxx conference becomes on-going thing, don't hesitate. If the conference comes to my town I'll be back.
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A great little magic convention Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 9th, 2018
The lineup was great. There were some very unfortunate technical issues throughout the show and lectures with the cameras used. They were using GoPro cameras and whoever ran them couldn't figure out which one to turn the display to, so many times the magician would have to literally freeze in place in front of the close-up camera while waiting for them to switch it over to it, then it would immediately be switched back to a long view and we'd have to wait again. The second day they gave up on the front camera and just had the close-up one, but it seemed like every performer had to constantly adjust it to make it show what they wanted.

They did say it was their first time doing the convention so there was a learning curve, so hopefully they bring better cameras next time or figure out how to keep a close-up one on at all times so the performers can do their magic without having to constantly adjust. It's weird too because the Penguin Live lectures seem to flow seamlessly to the best angles.

The dealer area was a little cramped at time due to the small size of the room, but the mini-lectures given seemed to relieve some of the pressure as folks left to see them. The fact that both rooms were side-by-side and connected helped a lot to keep everything convenient.

The stand-out lecture to me was Dan Harlan's. He concentrated more on the motivation behind tricks rather than just "watch's how it's done" like you get from most other lectures at conventions like these. His lecture was the perfect mix of theory and trick explanation. The other lectures were great too, but I made the most notes from listening to Dan's ideas.

And of course, Michael Weber's booth was jam-packed all day long. Never miss the chance to buy some of his products because all of them are top quality material. But to be honest, there were no wasted spaces in the dealers room. Every booth had something unique and amazing to offer.

For the price, I would consider this a "must attend" convention. It went on for the perfect amount of time with just enough stuff scheduled to allow you to have some down time to just chat with other magicians without missing something important. Despite the technical issues, I would go again next weekend if they did another one close by. Don't miss out if this comes to your area!
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This Was One For The Books Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 2nd, 2019
I was only able to attend Saturday's lectures and scheduled workshops, but as you saw from the lineup...Awesome Magician Overload!
As I excitedly drove from my home cleeeeeear on the other coast of Florida in order to try and make the day's first lecture at 9:30am; I was already stoked that almost every headliner and workshop host is, in fact; a huge mentor/influence figure on my magic, but to know I was racing to see one of my most-recent influences, Brent Braun; had me lead-footing above a possible $600 speeding ticket! (It was early, the cops hadn't even made it to the donut store yet! I made it in record time!) issues with parking. They allowed us to park ANYWHERE at the hotel/conference center. That made my mad dash for the registration table even easier. Got checked-in even quicker and immediately spotted Penguin's Nick Lacapo chilling next to some of the new Penguin releases so I had to say "Hi" and see if I could con him into demoing a couple. The guy didn't even hesitate, and proceeded to destroy my mind with new stuff that you guys will be seeing later this year from Roddie McGhie (another creative mentor of mine and his "borrowed ring on borrowed key ring will destroy your senses!), Brent Braun (you guys/gals are gonna love his new packet trick, "Definitely NOT Marked" -A faux gambling/real-time card marking demonstration that gets so out-Of-hand that in addition to turning vibrant & unique colored backs, they somehow TEAR THEMSELF and erase color from their backs at the performer's will! It looks INSANE and w/Brent's patter-idea; it's funny as hell!), Robert Smith, Nicholas Lawrence and more. Thanks to Nick for being so cool and literally making himself available to anyone who wanted to speak to him between his MC'ing the whole lecture sessions. What a rad guy! (Oh, I hope he'll forgive me for tipping that he does, in fact, have the most insane and REAL MAGIC looking "Hummer card" routine you will EVER witness! Ask about 20 other dudes & doodettes that stood googly-eyed as he was "just noodling around" with it, side-stage before everyone came back for the next lecture. It was real magic, no doubt. Nick knows voodoo! LOL!)

All the lectures were not only informative, but I think, if you added up, monetarily, the cost of the (average) 3 or 4 performance-quality effects you learned from each lecturer, you'd have spent about $600-$700 easily! That totally MORE THAN JUSTIFIES the $150 (drop in the hat comparatively) registration! Couple that with the goody-bag you get at the onset which is about $100 of cards (one a Boris Wild marked Bicycle Deck) and tutorial DVD samplers as well as a rad current issue of Penguin Magic Monthly and I prolly should've gone to jail for theft!

No doubt I'll be back, no matter where I may be living next year because they tour with this insane, magic roadshow, so not just us tan folks are able to enjoy! Folks; this is no puffing; This is a GREAT convention. Highlights for me: meeting my mentors; spoke to Dan Harlan, Shaun Dunn, Ryan Schlutz and Garrett Thomas in a relaxed, lobby chat for over an hour at a lunch break and was further wowed with magic theory and tips that just shot outta these guys like t-shirt cannons in my face! Also meeting Brent Braun, Joe Rindfleisch and David Long after their INSANE mind-melting lectures and witnessing the theory and logical subtlety they have mastered and exude, was surreal! They shared personal secrets and they doled it out like glasses of water to thirsty laborers. It was crazy to leave and not feel a "part of something that not everyone is allowed! I can't say anything at all negative about my experience!

Spot-on, gang! A memory that all magicians should have during their lives. Well-done Penguin. Very, very well-done!!!!.
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