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Dealing With It Season 2 by John Bannon

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"Dealing With It 2 is yet another outstanding collection of incredibly strong and oh so practical card magic from the mind of John Bannon. You will be fooled badly by this material and then be thrilled at how easy these miracles are to learn and perform!"
- John Carey

If you want incredibly powerful, simple to do card magic routines that can be performed with just a normal deck and your wits (no gimmicks, gaffs, mirrors, flaps or bits of elastic) then Dealing With It Season 2 has you covered! Devious construction, captivating presentations, no difficult moves - just tricks that you will be desperate to get out and perform the second you see them.

Dealing With It Season 2 showcases the six brand new routines John Bannon created for his infamous Genii magazine column in 2018. Each of these six masterpieces ably demonstrates Bannon's wily mind at work. No other magician has that uncanny knack of simplifying and streamlining tricks and somehow making them BETTER! You'll also learn the JB Double Lift - a super natural looking double lift that is easy to learn but is destined to be your go-to sleight forever!

Jump in now and start DEALING WITH IT!


Chicago Fire
La Giaconda
On The Border
Prophet Motive III
Three Part Harmony
BONUS - Flipside Assembly

BONUS II - also learn:

The JB Double Lift

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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 27th, 2019

In a previous era, Alex Elmsley proved that you don't have to be a professional in order to create and perform strong magic. In today's era, the man proving the same thing is John Bannon. Creator of modern classics like "Twisted Sisters", Bannon is highly respected for his clever psychological approach to magic. In his popular series of Move Zero DVDs, which are filled with self-working card tricks, he demonstrates that you can dispense with sleights, gaffs, and gimmicks, and still produce magic that is strong and entertaining. Now the genius of John Bannon returns in his latest series of videos, entitled Dealing With It.

Unlike the Move Zero series, these aren't self-workers, but they still explore Mr Bannon's favourite area of magic: cards. And they're categorized as "Easy Moves", to put these tricks well within the capabilities of the amateur magician, without the need for knuckle-busting moves and sleights. All this, without being dull or boring? Exactly! John Bannon knows that good magic needs to entertain, and with these DVDs he offers another collection of card tricks that are guaranteed to please. In the first volume of Dealing With It (Season 1), we were treated to performance and teaching materials for all of Bannon's columns that were published in the prestigeous Genii Magazine throughout 2017. After the success of that production, in the follow up Dealing With It (Season 2), we now have opportunity to learn the half a dozen routines that were published throughout 2018.


1. Chicago Fire: This variation of the Chicago Opener uses a post-it note and eliminates the need for the usual gaff card.
2. La Giaconda: This trick is based on the "Smiling Mule", a popular sandwich trick by Roy Walton.
3. On The Border: One of my favourites, this is a prediction effect that builds on an Alex Elmsley trick.
4. Prophet Motive III: The third version of something John has taught previously, where packets are shuffled and the deck is cut to produce something matching a prediction card.
5. Rockstars: This ace assembly performance allows the Aces to be the rock stars, as they are cut into the deck and yet instantly come together again.
6. Three Part Harmony: A routine with three nice phases, starting with a four-of-a-kind production, and ending with it being revealed again.
7. Flipside Assembly (Bonus Item): This Ace Assembly is a new item that was not previously published in Genii.
Utility Move: JB Double Lift: Much like the "Trick Bag" sections of the Move Zero videos, there's also instruction about a utility item. The JB Double Lift is billed by the ad copy as "a super natural looking double lift that is easy to learn, but is destined to be your go-to sleight for ever!"


Tricks: I actually don't own Season 1 of Dealing With It, so I can't compare this video with its predecessor. But I do own a lot of John Bannon DVDs, including the entire Move Zero series, and I'm a big fan of his work! And I can say that this is a fine collection of strong material, with good variety. Relatively easy tricks don't have to be boring, and John Bannon knows the importance of entertainment for strong magic. There's some solid material here that even experienced performers will enjoy, and possibly add to their repertoire.

Difficulty: These are not self-workers like the Move Zero series was, but they are still very straight forward tricks, well within reach of the intermediate magician and amateur, and some even by the complete beginner. I'd recommend newbies start with Move Zero rather than Dealing With It, but this is still a collection of card magic geared towards the hobbyist in terms of difficulty, rather than the professional.

Teaching: If you're familiar with John Bannon, you'll already know that he's a good teacher who gives very careful thought to every aspect of performing. He's highly regarded for his emphasis on the psychology of magic, and his skills in this area are on display here once again. I always enjoy watching his explanations, due to the many tips he shares while explaining the thinking behind his magic. This is often just as helpful as the tricks themselves!

Production: This video is produced by Big Blind Media, and they have set the bar high with their previous productions, which are at the highest level you'll see in the world of magic. Everything is the very best you could expect: top quality sound, lighting, and camera work, with multiple camera angles, panning, close-ups, and everything else you'd expect from a high quality video.

Format: The DVD is well organized and easy to navigate. As you can see from the demo videos, you get performances with real spectators, which is followed by the teaching section for each trick along with Liam Montier.


I've posted positive reviews about John Bannon's work previously, and I'm happy to continue my praise for his material. While not being self-working, Dealing With It (Season 2) still offers very accessible card magic that the typical amateur can learn and enjoy without too much difficulty. As always Mr Bannon has a very clever and thoughtful approach to his card magic, often relying on subtle psychological methods are deceptive as well as entertaining.

When combined with the superlative production values that have become standard for videos from Big Blind Media, Dealing With It (Season 2) is another fine release that should receive a ready welcome from anyone who enjoys card magic. - BGG reviewer EndersGame
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