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Or Not by Dani DaOrtiz (Instant Download) Dani's reputation maker, revealed for the very first time. INTRO PRICE ENDS AT MIDNIGHT. START LEARNING INSTANTLY.
In stock. $9.95
card download p3 self-working stand-up
Andi Gladwin LIVE (Instant Download) Professional close-up magician, creator, author, lecturer, and co-founder of Vanishing Inc. shares some great tricks! SUPPORT LIVE MAGIC. DOWNLOAD THE FULL LECTURE TODAY.
In stock. $29.95
close-up parlor penguin-live self-working sleight-of-hand stage
B'Wave DELUXE by Max Maven presented by Nick Locapo Three phases, each one more impossible than the last. Strong enough to stand on its own, or as a finale. ORDER BEFORE MIDNIGHT AND GET FREE SHIPPING.
Pre-order. $19.95
blank brainwave card mentalism p3 packet prediction self-working
Stegosaurus by Phill Smith (Instant Download) A reputation-making mind-reading MIRACLE you can master in minutes. START LEARNING INSTANTLY.
In stock. $19.95
mentalism p3 self-working
Sublime Self Working Card Tricks by John Carey video DOWNLOAD Renowned card worker John Carey has a stellar reputation for creating practical, powerful card magic. Tricks that play brilliantly, and shock audiences but are eminently DO-ABLE. Carey is known for employing clever thinking and choreography rather than complex moves and techniques, but on this proje
In stock. $30.00
card download easy self-working
Move Zero (Vol 3) by John Bannon and Big Blind Media - DVD "This will lead you to rethink what "self-working" really means."- Lance Pierce John Bannon's Move Zero series is undoubtedly the most exciting study of self-working card magic this century. Move Zero III is a veritable treasure trove of killer routines, none of which require any sleight of hand. No
In stock. $30.00
beginner card self-working
The Known by Thom Peterson (Instant Download) A reputation-maker using ANY deck of cards that looks as incredible as it sounds. START LEARNING INSTANTLY. ONE OF OUR HIGHEST RATED TRICKS.
In stock. $9.95
card-trick impromptu p3 prediction self-working
Follow the Leader presented by Roberto Giobbi (Instant Download) An incredibly powerful yet EASY-TO-DO card trick with ANY DECK that will make you look like a sleight-of-hand EXPERT. LEARN INSTANTLY. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $4.95
card easy p3 robert-giobbi self-working
Semi-Automatic Card Magic Vol. 2 by Dani DaOrtiz (Instant Download) 11 New Semiautomatic tricks by Dani DaOrtiz
In stock. $15.00
card download pdf self-working
Any Shuffled Deck - Self-Working Impromptu Miracles by Big Blind Media - DVD This is the ULTIMATE collection of totally impromptu, any shuffled deck in use, self-working card tricks ever! Every single routine featured can be done from a borrowed shuffled deck, with no sleight of hand or prior setup needed. Someone hands you a deck, and you'll be ready to fry their minds with
In stock. $30.00
borrowed card impromptu self-working
Five Points In Magic by Juan Tamariz - Book Discover the Five Points- and the Secrets of Using Them Long out of print and widely sought after, The Five Points in Magic is Juan Tamariz's highly regarded study of the physical and psychological secrets that use the body to fool the mind. He shows in detail how each of these five possessions- THE
In stock. $35.00
hermetic-press self-working
Destination Zero by John Bannon (Book) Self-working card magic. Deceptive, automatic, and turbo-charged. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $50.00
bannon card self-working
Rotating Credit by Ryan Schlutz (Instant Download) The PERFECT party trick. No, wait. bar trick.. no wait, dinner trick. Correction: YOU'LL BE DOING THIS EVERYWHERE. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. LEARN INSTANTLY.
In stock. $9.95
p3 self-working
The Butterfly Effect by Dave Forrest (Instant Download) An IMPOSSIBLE self working triple prediction!
In stock. $12.00
backstage card mentalism prediction self-working
Self Working Card Tricks (SWCT) with Jay Noblezada (DVD) Noblezada is BACK with a full card magic DVD. The most powerful card magic without sleight of hand! NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $29.95
beginner card dvd easy self-working
Gemini Calling by Roberto Giobbi (Instant Download) An incredible dual prediction. No setup, and NO sleight of hand. DOWNLOAD INSTANTLY. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $9.95
easy p3 prediction self-working
The Workers Diary (All Gimmicks & DVD) by Mark Elsdon - Trick Mark Elsdon, magic consultant on TV shows for the BBC, Channel 4 and Watch, presents the worlds easiest, most direct and 100% self working diary effect - "The Workers Diary!"A spectator is handed a diary. All the dates have playing cards written next to them. The spectator verifies that there is no
In stock. $26.25
card dvd mentalism mind-reading self-working
Self-Working Card Tricks (World's Greatest Magic) Vol. 2 video DOWNLOAD Magic with playing cards has always held a deep fascination for performers and audiences alike, most likely due to the almost infinite variety of effects that are possible with them. Everything from sleight of hand to topological tricks are all potentially a part of the magician's arsenal and somewh
In stock. $14.95
card download self-working
Card College Light By Roberto Giobbi (Book) Professional Card Magic Without Sleight of Hand!
Out of stock. $35.00
backstage card hermetic-press self-working
Woodyland by Woody Aragon (4 DVD Set) One of the most eagerly anticipated DVD sets of all time, from a true pro, for the first time on video. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $150.00
cards close-up color-change dvd self-working semi-automatic vanish
Lubor's Gift by Lubor Fiedler (DVD + Gimmick) What was once on the outside is now on the inside...and vice versa. It's flat-out impossible. NOW SHIPPING. MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $99.95
close-up gozinta-box lubor-fiedler parlour-magic rick-lax self-working
Miracles Without Moves by Ryan Schlutz (DVD) JAWDROPPING card magic with the barest minimum of sleight of hand! Miracles without Moves features seven jawdroppingly incredible slices of card magic that require the barest minimum of sleight of hand. Eschewing technical knucklebusting moves for ingenious trickery, routining and plain old sneaky c
In stock. $30.00
cards self-working
Miracles Without Moves by Ryan Schlutz (Instant Download) JAWDROPPING card magic with the barest minimum of sleight of hand! Miracles without Moves features seven jawdroppingly incredible slices of card magic that require the barest minimum of sleight of hand. Eschewing technical knucklebusting moves for ingenious trickery, routining and plain old sneaky c
In stock. $30.00
cards self-working
Once Upon a Time (DVD and Gimmicks) by Wayne Dobson and MagicTao - DVD You show two spectators a little booklet entitled "Once Upon A Time". The booklet is put to one side to be referred to later. You hand each spectator half of the pack of cards. Each spectator cuts thsie individual pile of cards into two; turns one of their piles over and then swaps the turned over p
In stock. $15.00
backstage card self-working
Search and Destroy by Aaron Fisher - DVD Real Magic in the spectator's handsAs magicians, we project an air of mysterious, hidden ability. Our audiences are envious of this power, and their secret is that they wish they could do what we do. Search & Destroy gives them that opportunity - in a fun, entertaining, and completely self-worki
In stock. $30.00
borrowed-deck card dvd in-the-hands sandwich self-working
Chinese Laundry Ticket by Uday - Trick A strip of paper with Chinese characters printed on it is torn to pieces. The magician restores the ticket with his bare hands.
In stock. $2.25
easy kids-magic self-working torn-and-restored
Sound Waves by Sankey Magic - Trick Shocking demonstration of pure mind-reading using some of the world's most popular songs! A LETHAL combination of total freedom and absolute control! (A Holy Grail when it comes to mentalism.) Instantly repeat the mind-bending effect with a DIFFERENT mathematical sequence and a DIFFERENT song! So EA
Out of stock. $15.00
easy impromptu mentalism mindreading self-working street-magic wallet
The Self-Working Project by Ryan Matney - Book These routines are the result of many hours of experimentation with different plots, ideas, and methods. Seven professional self-working routines.This is not your average self-working magic.These tricks make a big bang.Full scripts are included for many of the following effects:The Walton Deficiency
In stock. $11.25
card self-working street walk-around
Salto Triumph (Excerpt from Any Shuffled Deck) by Big Blind Media video DOWNLOAD THIS IS THE FREE EXCERPT FROM ANY SHUFFLED DECK SELF WORKING CARDS TRICKS CALLED SALTO TRIUMPH Salto Triumph is a brilliant, self-working trick that works from a borrowed, shuffled deck in use. Combining a double card location AND a triumph mix-up, it is sleight free but utterly baffling to your spe
In stock. $0.00
card download free self-working triumph
One Hand & One Card (Excerpt from Sublime Self Working Card Tricks) by Big Blind Media video DOWNLOAD Grab this FREE taster effect from 'Sublime Self Working Card Tricks' - a collection of TEN totally sleight free card tricks from the mind of John Carey. One Hand & One Card is super clean and ridiculously easy. A card is selected, disappears from the deck and then appears in your pocket. ALL WHI
In stock. $0.00
card download free self-working
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