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It's All In The Mind by Raphael Czaja (Instant Download)

7 Effortless Mental Magic Experiments!
Price: $12.00
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"Raphael has made use of some really incredible, clever principles here. I especially liked Twice the Touch." - Stephen Tucker

"I especially liked the idea of Fusional!!" - Felix Schellenbe​rg

"My favourites are Tset Koob and Lotto 21." - József Kovács

A fresh spin on classic or overlooked principles! It's All In The Mind is a collection of self-working, commercial and off-beat material:

Eyes closed (really!), you are able to remove a card selected and freely replaced in an ESP card packet by the spectator! After having put the card back into the packet (eyes still closed so you cannot see any sign), you are able to find its identity by taking the spectator's pulse.

The spectator shuffles a packet of playing cards as much as he wants in order to get a mess of face-up and face-down cards. He spells MY CARD to find his. You remove a card from an envelope in full view from the start: It is the same card on which is written the way the selection ended up into the packet (face up or face down)!

This time, you ask two spectators to find YOUR card. They each name a value and a suit that are combined to create two cards. One of them is selected and removed from the deck. Just in case, the eliminated card is removed and turned face up... Nothing special. The selection is now turned over: Written on its face is MY CARD in big bold letters!

A bookmark is protruding from a book. Some envelopes containing different quotes from that book are randomly shuffled and eliminated until the spectator is left with one. You open a few envelopes to show the different outcomes. You open the book at your bookmark and ask the spectator to read the first words on the page. Only now, the spectator reads the quote he picked: They match!

While your back is turned, a spectator thinks of a card in a packet he removed from the middle of the deck. After a simple procedure, without anyone naming any suit or value, you correctly guess the thought-of card (still back turned)! The spectator thinks of another card but this time you face him, look into his eyes and immediately name his thought-of card!

You display nine cards with the name of a different creature from the chinese mythology. The spectator picks the one you predicted!

Some grids of numbers are display, all different. The game consists of adding four numbers from one grid and the result must not exceed the number concealed in a tabled envelope. The spectator picks a grid and you do so. He selects four numbers in his grid and four numbers for you in your grid. Let's say the results are 64 for you and 77 for him. The envelope is opened: The number is 70. You win by six and he loses by seven! But there is another paper in the envelope. You openly display it and read it out loud: It is written I WIN BY SIX AND YOU LOSE BY SEVEN!

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