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Christopher Taylor LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

One of mentalism's true innovators came to Penguin for a mind expanding 2 1/2 Hour LIVE seminar. SUPPORT LIVE MAGIC. DOWNLOAD THE FULL LECTURE TODAY.
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"I like the way you are able to get so much entertainment and mystery from a little bit of mischief." -Barry Richardson

"A true innovator in the field of Mentalism whose original secrets have been used by some of the best in the business, including me (insert modest grin here!)" -Matt Johnson

"Christopher Taylor is a great person, proud to call him a friend, listen to his teachings and master the ways of the ponytail" -Andrew Gerard

“Christopher Taylor has some of the coolest 'James Bond' gadgets around. He's a clever thinker and builder of magic that's sure to surprise and catch you off guard!” -Luke Dancy

What will he teach?

Qi Touch
Performer places a metal object (key, spoon or coin) into a participant’s hands. He steps back behind her and projects energy at her from a distance. The participant FEELS THE ENERGY and drops the object, which is then shown to be bent.

Brand new method for making a freely chosen number appear in ash on the back of the participant's hand; the performer's hands are clearly shown empty the entire time.

It's Key
One-handed key-bend: including a totally “no-tech” version and his “electronically-enhanced” version.

An exercise in eerie in which a participant correctly matches the photos of five murder victims with their Victorian Era killers.

A miracle-class Think-a-Card routine with two participants.

The Thought Recorder Deck
How to turn a card box into an effective, and ultra simple, Impression Device. And it takes seconds to make!

Mindreading, the way Christopher’s Grandmother taught him.

Powerful mental-magic based on the classic “which-hand effect”. Included are directions for making an amazingly effective, “no-batteries-required” magnet detector.

Qi Coin
Christopher’s signature effect. A powerful piece of theatre directly involving up to a dozen spectators who collaborate to bend a coin in one of the group’s hands. Utilizes a gimmick you probably already have sitting a draw

In addition, Christopher will share his unusual perspective on metal bending and the PK- Touch concepts.

Who is he?

Many of the world’s greatest mentalists and magicians have used Christopher’s handiwork to achieve astonishing and impossible feats. Feats that have been featured in dozens of television magic specials filmed in locations from New York to Budapest, Turkey to the Netherlands, Tel Aviv to Tokyo and more.

While Christopher is best known as a pioneer in electronic mentalism, he has consistently returned to his “no-tech” roots during his 25 year performing and creating career. This has resulted in a large body of outstanding material including Outside the Conventional (2 DVD set through Inner Mind Productions). No Batteries Required (DVD), his two books, Inside Out and Unconventional (H&R Magic Books) as well as his many contributions to magic books and magazines all over the world.

Christopher is Renaissance Man in the true sense of the term. He has enjoyed careers as a prison guard, classroom teacher, professional photographer, naturalist, and children’s author. In his youth, Karate Illustrated Magazine listed him among the top ten martial arts competitors in western North America. He has practiced and taught Kung Fu for nearly 50 years, which remains a major source of inspiration for his mentalism routines.

Currently, Christopher lives in British Columbia, Canada where he is a busy performer and owner of Taylor Imagineering.

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Solid lecture with effects you will use Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 14th, 2014
I have been intrigued by the work Christopher Taylor has been doing with his Taylor Imagineering. As one who shies away from electronics in performing (in terms of method), I have not been willing to invest in his creations, no matter how wonderful.

But, I was really interested in this lecture. I wanted to get a chance to see how his mind ticks. I am so glad I did.

Ken de Courcy published an effect in his Coffee Break Chronicles called "Last Two Cards Match." (I guess Larry Becker did something along this plot line, too, "Will The Cards Match.") Christopher layers an incredible, eerie story line about women who were murdered and the men who murdered them. It takes the effect to a whole new place, and it is nice. (This one is called "Overkill." Included at no extra charge with the lecture are the pictures you can print out on photograph paper or card stock to perform this.)

He also demonstrated a key-bending routine. I have moved away from bending, but I like how brings his own keys and allows the spectator to choose which one will be used. He shows how he does an elecontrically enhanced version, which I liked better than the other version. However, if you have the slightest bit of experience with equivoke, then you will be able to perform the electronically enhanced version without any electronics.

"Half-Track" is an interesting Think-of-a-Card effect. As he was performing it, I thought of two different ways to execute it before he explained it, both were different (though one only slightly) from how he performs it. Two spectators are each given about half of the deck. They go through their cards and select 10. From the 10, they select one and put in the other's packet, so each are still holding 10 cards. Each packet is shuffled. The two are placed together, and without looking at the faces of the cards, Christopher was able to determine who picked what. This is simple and very effective. Because the deck is a regular deck and because they are not stacked, you can go into any other card effect you want.

I don't do PK Touches, but Christopher has an intriguing version that I want to try. To me, it is a very bold method, and I would love to hear from someone who has performed it. It is wild. If this is your kind of thing, then you should try it out.

I do not use impression devices, but I am obscessed by them. I have purchased so many different books/ebooks on how to construct them, but I never use them in performance. Christopher shows how to make an impression device using a card box. In the way he demonstrated it, the impression seems more readable than most I have worked with.

For those of you who like Charles Gaucci's "Eye to Eye" but are reluctant to perform it because of what the method involves, check out Christopher's "Which Hand?" effect, "Enso." It involves the Out to Lunch principle, which I have never been a fan of, but, check out the method. It might give you additional ideas on how to use the Gaucci gimmick if you own it. Christopher explains how to construct a block of business cards used in this effect during the lecture, but he and Penguin Magic also include a separate video, free with lecture purchase, on the nuts and bolts of constructing it.

During his interview with host Dan Harlan, you get to see what a wonderful man Christopher is.
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Practical Mentalism Effects Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 8th, 2014
First, I applaud Chris Taylor for not turning his lecture into a product demo of his well known and outstanding electronic devices. Instead, he provided relatively simple low tech methods (along with downloads explaining how to construct some of them), which still are capable of providing a solid "WOW!" punch.

There is little doubt that Chris Taylor is highly accomplished man - black belt martial arts instructor, children classroom educator, author, inventor, businessman and magic/mentalist performer. He is also knowledgeable in theatrical arts. However, if he reads this review, I intend this critique as positive feedback. His performance (as I saw it at Penguin Live) lacks drama. It doesn't build to the point "OMG" or "No Way!". The effects come off as: "That was interesting, now show me something else." Also, Chis' voice is slightly high pitched, not deep and commanding. This makes it even more imperative for Chris to make the effects more dramatic. Start soft, build anticipation and end with a crescendo. In effect, manage the audience to the point they are in total awe of what they just saw, but still believe it may be possible. In my opinion, every effect in mentalism must be equally strong. There can be no "fill" or "throw aways." For example, picking which hand a ring is in is a child's game. I understand you did it to demo a device that viewers could make. However, suppose instead of a ring you removed a (theatrical) handgun from a case and then a (gimmick) bullet from the gun. Think of the image this evokes, if combined with an intriguing back story. People should leave thinking this is the most mystifying/edgy performance I've ever seen. They should have your name etched into their brain and want to tell others their experience. Magicians should be impressed not only with the creative methods, which you excel at, but with the theatrical performance.

On the highly plus side, there is much to learn from Chris and this lecture is well work your time and money. There are some practical mentalism effects that you may choose to add to your repertoire.
4 of 4 magicians found this helpful.
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Awesome, valuable lecture Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 19th, 2014
I've attended many Penguin lectures, but found this one to be among the best. I particularly enjoyed the unique effects and Christopher's generosity with the downloads that accompanied the lecture. I loved Chi touch especially. The low tech indicator was also a favorite. Although he is famous for high tech devices, the lecture was not a product demo-which I appreciated. I found the interview section particularly enlightening as I'm interested in learning about the personal side of performers. Highly recommended.
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This lecture creates an appetite for more. Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 14th, 2014
A very good lecture if you are new in mental magic. Most of the effects are easy to accomplish - so you can focus on the presentation and your work with the audience.
The first couple of effects/methods are not new nor original. But still pretty strong. My favorite piece is Hero - a freely named number appears in ashes on the back of the hand of a spectator - imbedded in a beautiful, emotional and heroic story.
Also the dramaturgy of his coin bend is superb. I wish Christopher would use a more deceptive method.
You'll love Chi-Touch. This effect is worth your money.
In addition to the lecture video you get another detailed tutorial for making a gimmick, all the pictures for Over Kill and two written instruction manuals.

Christopher is a genius when it comes to electronic mentalism. Apparently he's not such an experienced lecturer. Dan Harlan has to help him to get through. A thanks goes to penguin magic to have such a strong mind as a host/moderator.

Some thoughts:
The Key Bend unfortunately isn't possible with keys from my country. Our keys have holes and not slits.

If you want to apply the method of the effect called Pink to card magic you can use a Fournier deck.
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Creative, clever, off beat Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 24th, 2020
About half of the effects were great, and the other half OK. Here are my thoughts.

Qi Touch - Christopher did his electronic version for me at a convention (the one taught is manual but the effect is the same). The effect is very eerie. While it got an OK reaction during this Penguin lecture, I can tell you in real life, it alone is worth the cost.

Overkill - I have seen this a number of times, at it never fails to amaze me. Christopher supplies a pdf of the photos. Another effect probably worth the cost of the lecture.

Qi Coin - This one seems to have a lot of potential (coin bend in a spectator's hand with other spectators' hands piled on). It's a very good method and appears hands off.

Enso - I would call this combo of which hand / OTL a very clever and useful gadget.

The last comment that I would make is the Christopher has a very unassuming personality, so don't expect to be enthralled by his presentations. But as you will be able to tell by Dan's enthusiasm the mentalism (and magic) is as good as it gets.
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Christopher Taylor Live Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 22nd, 2022
A better teacher than a performer. He was a bit static. His ideas were different and his routines were easy to perform and very user friendly offering lots of possibilities
Enjoyable especially his “half track” and PK touch routines
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Best Penguin Live Lecture I've ever got Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 14th, 2022
Honestly great Canadian Magic, from a Canadian Magician (lol can you tell I'm a Canadian lol). Sometime I buy a download and the tech, or the materials are something I'd never do, but all these are winners! 10/10 stars!

Pro: What you see in the video is what you get. You have awesome instructions, including bonus videos and PDF and printouts. Each trick is well explained, and easy to make or preform gimmicks. Honestly I'm using almost everything here, like the coin bend and PK touch from serval feet away

Con: Honestly only 1 con, is one trick that uses Ash that I'm too lazy to do, and only one, yes one trick requires a gimmick from the magic store. Everything else, easy to do, and you already have or can buy from Dollar Store.

Would buy again, the methods and tricks here are pretty dope !
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