Christopher Taylor LIVE (DVD) One of mentalism's true innovators came to Penguin for a mind expanding 2 1/2 Hour LIVE seminar. SUPPORT LIVE MAGIC. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
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ashes christopher-taylor coin-bend dvd key-bend lecture mentalism penguin-live pk-touch stage
Unconventional by Christopher Taylor - Book EffectCanadian mentalist Christopher Taylor's new book, Unconventional, follows in the path of his highly praised first book, Inside Out. In the new book you will encounter more of the practical ideas for which Taylor is becoming known. Here you'll find a means for determining a spectator's mentally
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Christopher Taylor LIVE (Instant Download) One of mentalism's true innovators came to Penguin for a mind expanding 2 1/2 Hour LIVE seminar. SUPPORT LIVE MAGIC. DOWNLOAD THE FULL LECTURE TODAY.
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ashes christopher-taylor coin-bend dvd key-bend lecture mentalism penguin-live pk-touch stage
Contact by Christopher Taylor (Gimmicks+Download) Imagine being able to read a thought in a glass of water -- or even your friend’s glass of beer!
Out of stock. $250.00
p3 water
Inside Out book Christopher Taylor The effects in this book have been designed form the inside out. In each case, Christopher began with some concept drawn from nature or metaphysics that he was strongly attached to. Then, like a magnet invisibly organizing iron filings, the concept acted as a nucleus around which technique, method,
In stock. $15.00
backstage creativity mentalism
Pro Thumper by Christopher Taylor - Trick The Pro Thumper is one of the greatest devices ever conceived for the working mentalist that has been carefully hand-constructed by Christopher Taylor from Canada, of Equinox and Dead Zone Pro fame. This device was the combined brainchild of Peter Nardi and Christopher Taylor in the quest for a disc
Out of stock. $271.00
Real Ghost by Christopher Taylor - Trick Alakazam Magic UK is please to announce the anticipated release of Christopher Taylor's Real Ghost. Ever since the premiere of Real Ghost at MindVention 2006 the underground buzz on this outstanding effect has been phenomenal. In fact Christopher was approached within minutes of his performance with
Out of stock. $236.25
T3 by Christopher Taylor - Trick EffectThe ultimate long range electronic mindreading device! T3 is a set of three small transmitters (1 3/8" x 3/4" x 5/16") which can be concealed in objects such as a lighter, pack of gum, key fob, deck of cards, etc. The transmitters are movement activated. That means, when one of the objects is
Out of stock. $262.50
No Batteries Required by Christopher Taylor - DVD Christopher Taylor is best known for his marvelous electronic contributions to mentalism such as Equinox, T3, Eclipse and The Real Ghost. Here however, he presents six wonderful "low tech" feats of mental magic. No Batteries Required is a mix of classic mentalism routines and the very strange. All a
Out of stock. $26.25
The Iris Deck by Christopher Taylor - Trick Add color to your performance with this beautifully designed color forcing deck from Taylor Imagineering. Carefully designed to match the style and vivid tones of designer paint chips, the Iris Deck can be handled freely by the spectator before allowing the performer to force a color. With original
In stock. $40.00
card color force mentalism
The Line Up by Christopher Taylor - Trick An exercise in visualization and an original take on a classic concept leads to something entirely impossible -- five borrowed objects laid out in a line by a spectator, 120 possibilities, and the performer knows exactly what order the participant chooses! Outstanding mentalism, right out of the box
In stock. $40.00
close-up mentalism organic
Chi Touch by Christopher Taylor (Instant Download) Two of the highest-impact effects in mentalism. One stunning routine. START LEARNING INSTANTLY. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $9.95
Equinox V.2 by Christopher Taylor - Trick What is Equinox?Well imagine Body Language or Max Maven's fantastic Kurotsuke effect.Five balls are placed inside a black velvet bag (4 balls are white and one is black) Five spectators now reach into the bag and remove one ball each. Only one is holding the black ball and nobody apart from the pers
Out of stock. $315.00
close-up mentalism stage
Outside The Conventional (2 DVD Set) by Christopher Taylor - DVD It's time to bring something different to the table!Outside the Conventional is the first DVD set from Inner Mind Productions that features a guest performer. Canada's Christopher Taylor is the author to two best selling books on the subject of Bizarre/ Mystic Mental Magic as well as the inventor of
In stock. $43.75
At The Table Live Lecture Christopher Taylor May 17th 2017 video DOWNLOAD Many of the world's greatest mentalists and magicians have used Christopher's handiwork to achieve astonishing and impossible feats. Feats that have been featured in dozens of television magic specials alongside some of magic's most famous names, including Dynamo, David Copperfield, Aaron Crow, Cris
In stock. $7.95
at-the-table lecture
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