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Connected by Paul Stockman - DVD

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Alakazam Magic take great pride in bringing fresh new material from original artists to the forefront of the magic and mentalism communities and the latest of these exciting new talents is a name that is destined to become synonymous with modern mentalism.

For over a decade, Paul Stockman has been extremely busy performing his unique and fascinating style of psychological entertainment all around the world. Appearing at almost two hundred events every year Paul is in constant demand and is a consummate and professional entertainer in every sense of the word. From intimate, high-end celebrity gatherings to full evening theatre shows for two and a half thousand people, Paul has performed in virtually all situations possible.

"Connected" is Paul Stockman's DVD debut and showcases some of the finest modern mentalism in the world today, seamlessly blending deviously clever methods and engagingly entertaining plots this double DVD set is certain to become a must-see for all stand-up performers.

Shot in front of a live audience, the DVD opens with a full fifty-minute stand-up show that features some of Paul's favourite routine and ends with a revelation that is destined to go straight into the act of so many performers immediately!

"Connected" is a clear example of how Paul Stockman has become one of the UK's leading psychological entertainers and on this DVD, Paul shares with you his wealth of experience and knowledge that can only be gained over hundreds of performances as each section of the show is broken down and explained with the assistance of Peter Nardi.

"Connected" is not just a collection of effects, it is a professionally structured show that is taught in full detail from beginning to end and includes tips and advice on scripting a show, structuring routines and keeping it entertaining as well as captivating.

"Paul Stockman: Connected" Routines performed & explained:

Pick a Chair

A direct and baffling chair routine that audiences love and establishes your abilities straight away. Four spectators are invited onto the stage and allowed to sit in any one of four chairs. After a number of free choices, the spectators discover that you have managed to influence exactly where they have sat.

Paul discusses the fundamental elements that make a chair routine such a popular feature for many mentalists, as well as the importance of keeping the effect clear and understandable for the audience.

Hands-Off Bank Night
This popular effect gets a dose of the Stockman treatment when Paul puts the entire effect into the hands of a spectator. Tried and tested over hundreds of corporate performances, the entertainment that derives from an executive standing to lose their cash make this a real crowd-pleaser.

The spectator hides the money in one of six envelopes and then makes all the decisions while you stand back, guilt free, as each envelope is eliminated and destroyed...will they avoid the money!

The Pendant Curse
A beautifully scripted routine revolving around a tale of four women, a murder and a sinister curse that captivates the audience with its intriguing mystery. This is a clear demonstration of the power of a strong narrative in mentalism routines.

With the emphasis on performance and deliverance an audience member managed to divine the identity of a murder victim. Specially designed PDF files to reproduce the required props, as seen in the live show, are included on the DVD.

Back to Becker
Larry Becker's fabulous "Casino Royale" is a true classic of modern mentalism and is part of many leading performer's repertoires. With Larry's kind permission, Paul explains his variation of this brilliant routine that focuses on chance, influence and luck involving money, blackjack and some imaginary dice. This piece is a very good study of the fundamental principles of three-way prediction style of effect with tips learnt through countless performances of such routines.

Our special thanks to Larry Becker for allowing us to use and explain some of the brilliantly creative props and principles from his original, commercially available "Casino Royale" routine.

The Sweet Jar
Another example of the strength of attaching an engaging plot in order to amplify the effect and make a routine entertaining. This was one of the favourites with the audience during the filming of the live show.

A large jar of sweets that has been on show throughout and Paul invites three audience members to join him on stage to try to guess the number of sweets. Each one of them has a totally free choice and at the climax, not only does one of the spectators manage to guess exactly right and finds a prediction buried inside the sweets but unbelievably, Paul has also managed to predict in advance, which of the spectators that would be!

My Luckiest Day
The concept explained in this show-stopping finale is a beautiful way to end any mentalism performance. The confabulation plot has always been a firm favourite within mentalism and Paul's tray revelation can be applied to almost any plot or performance.

Throughout the entire show, right in the middle of the stage is a small table that holds a tray that has a large candlestick and candle standing upon it. At the start of the show the candle is lit and remains in full view and untouched throughout. During the course of the show, Paul has various free choices made by different members of the audience and has them keep a mental note of each one.

At the finale of the show, the candle is extinguished and removed from the tray and Paul turns over the tray to show a written prediction securely taped to the underside of the tray on all sides. Impossibly the prediction matches every single one of the free choices made throughout the show!

This is an unbelievable finale and destined to become a classic way of presenting the confabulation routine. It can be applied to many different types of revelation, in the show, Paul uses times and dates that are selected by the audience by you could have names, places, or just about anything! No fancy boxes or backstage assistants are required - this is the ultimate one-man confabulation for stand-up and stage. The final image of the prediction taped to the underside of a tray is a truly stunning climax to the show!

Paul Stockman Interview & Discussion with Peter Nardi
Join Peter Nardi as he delves into Paul's background in performing and how it all began for him in mentalism. You will also learn the fascinating processes that go into formulating routines, scripting them and rehearsal techniques. Paul also emphasises the importance of being entertaining and commercial to modern audiences as well as tips on structuring a show correctly to make it flow naturally and making methods invisible.

Advice on handling audiences and clients as well as discussing his love for interesting narratives and presentations are also addressed, including tips on knowing how to adapt and work to different crowds and venues. This is an extremely insightful and interesting section of the DVD that very in-depth and filled with top-notch professional advice from a highly experienced performer.

Disc one Running Time Approximately 1hr 40min
Disc two Running Time Approximately 1hr 5min

"Paul has some really terrific thinking on the double DVD Set. Some of it is so good I wonder if he will regret giving them away."
- Banachek

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Very Impressed Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on August 7th, 2011
(This review is for Connected by Paul Stockman - DVD)
Listen, ive already written a review for this but i had to write another. ive been performing these routines non-stop since the day after ive purchased them. somebody mentioned some about the props. staples and family dollar. everything you need can be found there. EVERYTHING. i spent 40 bucks just cuz i wasnt going to purchase the 2 or 300 dollar casino royale trick. the jumbo bills i grabbed from a dollar store in the toy section and laminated them. the pendant curse photos i printed and framed. the sweet jar ...honestly i havent tried that one yet because i dunno if i want to lug around a jar full of gum lol. yeah the clock thing on the dvd sells for like 2-300 bucks. its called psyclock or something. ok guys hope you can get all of your props and i hope my suggestions helped.
1 of 1 magicians found this helpful.
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Delivers great content Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 2nd, 2020
(This review is for Connected by Paul Stockman - DVD)
The Effects are direct, precise and deliberate, many things that you can pick up from this to enhance or add into to your own routine. Some great subtleties and convincers which I find could be used in other applications.
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GREAT DVD Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 18th, 2018
(This review is for Connected by Paul Stockman - DVD)
i just love it plain and simple

Hands off bank night, my luckyest day and the sweet jar are my favorite routines, but the whole DVD is great and inspiring.
Did this review help you? Do you want to respond to this review?
Phenomenal Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 30th, 2017
(This review is for Connected by Paul Stockman - DVD)
Phenomenal routines. A few went right into my new show!

Now, when will the clock routine be released??
Did this review help you? Do you want to respond to this review?
One of the best mentalism DVD's ever made Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 2nd, 2014
(This review is for Connected by Paul Stockman - DVD)
There's not much to say that hasn't been said by the other reviewers. The effects are simply mind blowing. These are the kinds of routines you will actually use because they are direct mentalism:
- spectators make free choices or thoughts and you have predicted them
- no pre show or stooges
- fairly easy to do so you can focus on presentation
- You can completely change the props that are used while still using his methods: thus the effects are CUSTOMIZABLE. For the trick where the spectators guesses how many candies are in the box, you can use a jar of anything you want, it doesn't have to be candy.

When you watch it you will say "this is the mentalism I was looking for!"
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Best dvd I've ever bought! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 23rd, 2011
(This review is for Connected by Paul Stockman - DVD)
Those British Blokes really know how to perform! Likes:
1.Footage is excellent quality
2.Explanations are very detailed
3.None of the tricks are out dated,there is NOT a weak trick in the set
4.Props icluded in the PDF file can be printed at your local KINKOS
5.I use more than half the tricks on this dvd in my regular set
1.You will need to employ a "SWAMI"/nailwriter for 2 of the tricks
2.The Back to Becker routine requires props from a trick known as "Casino Royale" wich has to be purchased seperatly for the cost of around 0.
3.The clock trick opener can only be purchased seperatly & in the U.K.
4.Your still going to need to spend a few dollars on props, most of wich can be bought at your local office supply store.
The pluses definately outweigh the downfalls. Pick up this dvd and you will NOT be dissapointed.
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verrrry good Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 20th, 2011
(This review is for Connected by Paul Stockman - DVD)
this dvd was so good i couldnt believe it. so good. the routines are very well thought out and theres no 'throw away filler tricks' here. each one hits hard. theres props u have to make but virtually no gimmicks. i really enjoyed this.
Did this review help you? Do you want to respond to this review?
World Class Performer Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 10th, 2010
(This review is for Connected by Paul Stockman - DVD)
I never bought this the first time around because of a couple of reviews from unprofessional amateurs.

I reall should have listen to the industry comments and just got it when it came out in 2009.

Fortunately for me I was lucky enough to see Paul Stockman lecture and perform at Mindvention in Las Vegas last month.

Paul performed a few routines from The Connected DVD and it was amazing !

In fact Paul was one of the highlights of Mindvention 2010. He is a true class act and it was clear why he is one of the worlds busiest Mentalists.

I bought the Connected DVD direct from Paul right there and then.

All I can say that to the working professional stage and stand up performers out there this stuff is pure gold.

None stand up and hobbiest would necer see the strength in this stuff so best you guys stay away from it.

Fantastic! 5 Stars.
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Invaluable Resource - Take Your Act to the Next Level! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 2nd, 2010
(This review is for Connected by Paul Stockman - DVD)
This is a fantastic DVD that is beautifully produced and filled with professional routines that will blow your audience away! In theory, you have an entire show at your fingertips; however, nobody (not even Paul Stockman) recommends that you copy the show verbatim. The real value of this DVD set is in seeing how Paul weaves together time-tested methods, psychological nuances, and powerful scripts to create original and mind-blowing material that has a powerful impact on his audience. His work in "My Luckiest Day" is worth the price of the DVD alone. Also, please do not skip the interview with Paul Stockman and Peter Nardi at the end. This interview is another "worth the price of the dvd" feature. If you want to learn from an accomplished professional and take your act to the next level, then "Connected" is a top-notch resource that gives you enough tools, ideas, and inspiration to keep you busy for a some time to come.
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