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Absolute Coin Bender by Action Magic - DVD

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Action Magic proudly presents the Absolute Coin Bender. With it, you will be able to bend borrowed, signed coins, in real-time, under real world conditions. Cause the coin to melt at your fingertips like liquid metal, or psychokinetically fold in someone's hand, or bend it with your evident superhuman strength. An impressive and impossible display of powers is now achievable with this incredible gimmick. But the gimmick is only half of it. You will learn more than 9 full routines demonstrating different ways to use the gimmick, up close, on the street, and in the bar. Owners of other benders can utilize this to maximize the potential of their current bender in ways like never before. The handling for the Absolute Coin Bender was done with a major emphasis on doing the bend while people are staring right at you the whole time. This pressure of hand-burning eyes is diminished thanks to the devious methods and this powerful gimmick. Audiences never see anything, particularly when the gimmick is hidden in plain sight right under their noses.

The Absolute Coin Bender will bend almost any coin, and will bend coins most other benders can not. Because of the physical properties of the Absolute Coin Bender, bends require less strength, and less physical movement, which lend a hand in its deceptiveness.

Key points:

Adjustable Bend Intensity - The only bender of its kind that allows the user to determine and change the curve of the bend. Soft curve, sharp bend, half & half, adjustments for different sized coins, and more.

INVISIBLE Bend™ capabilities - The ability to bend the borrowed, signed coin in real time with no sign or indication of bending while the audiences' eyes are fixed on you, burning you the entire time.

Makes beautiful curved coins. Coins do not look bent but instead warped.

Applied Physics - The makeup and functionality of the Absolute Coin Bender yields an easier bend with less movement and less physical exertion.

No awkward movements or unnatural actions.

Always start clean and always end clean.

No sleeves, jacket, shirt, or other special clothing requirement.

The ability for someone relatively new to magic to be able to bend a signed coin in real time with little skill required - and astound audiences!

Multi-language DVD - English - Spanish - French

More than 9 Full Routines
Additional minor pieces will be necessary.

Warped coin is an amazing tangible giveaway for your spectator to take home.

Very Versatile. Versatility to use the bender in countless ways.

Very Affordable

This is real-time coin bending that almost anyone can do, yet with capabilities no other bender has! Includes DVD and Gaffs.

Running Time: Approximately 1hr 35mins

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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 7th, 2011
Penguin was out of stock when I wanted this item, so I purchased it elsewhere. Be advised, this package comes with GAFFS, and NOT the gimmick. The gimmick (the actual coin-bender) must be constructed by YOU with ordinary items, but the DVD is very clear and well done. There are many performances in the DVD, but the gimmick must be construced by you. Don't get nervous. It uses objects you already have in your home. The finished gimmick, however, (actually two of them) is very hard to hide, conceal, employ, then end up clean. Your audience is paying very, very VERY careful attention to your hand as you bend the coin, and no matter how much you practice, one small "flash" and the party is over. My advice is to buy the DVD just for the ideas on how to construct an inexpensive coin bender, and fresh ideas for utilizing a bent coin. If you have "Spun," there are ideas how the spectator can sign the coin, too. It's much easier and safer to pre-bend the coins, and do shuttle passes, palming and French drops with the coins, as taught on several of the DVD's at Penguin. Jay N. is excellent at these techniques. That way, you won't have to carry vises, pliers and hammers. Being caught with your constructed gimmick just isn't worth the risk.
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Absolute coin bender Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 8th, 2011
The gimmick is just a simple thing which you can find in your house easily. This dvd only did a little touch-up to make the gimmick less obvious. The gimmick is on your hand, thus it is not very clean. Routines are ok, all quite similar. You bend the coin right infront of your audiences, the bend need you to apply some strength, which make you look weird.

PS: I cut my thumb twice while making the gimmick, so becareful if you are detaching the "______" from the original household item, because some are not easy to detach and you might cut yourself.
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Absolutely Amazing! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 10th, 2010
This is without a doubt my favorite coin bending utility device. The Absolute Coin Bender allows you to borrow a quarter, have it signed and then bend their signed coin right before their very eyes. It is an incredibly easy yet powerful coin bending device, that allows you to accomplish the same type of effect as the Quantum Bender 2.0, but without breaking the bank.

There are a wide variety of 9 different routines taught on the DVD to bending a spectators own signed coin. One of the aspects I really love about the A.C.B. device is the fact you do all the dirty work right in front of them, so you can focus on your presentation while being one step ahead of the audience. I bought this so that I could perform a coin bend while I saved up for the Quantum Bender 2.0. However, since the Absolute Coin Bender does exactly the same type of effect as the QB 2.0 and even more so! Since this utility device allows me to accomplish what I've always wanted, I now no longer feel the need to save up for John T. Sheets Quantum Bender 2.0, that is exactly how incredible the A.C.B. device truly is, a truly versatile approach to bending a spectators signed coin

You're able to adjust the bending from a soft bend, half and half bend and then the bend that nearly bends their signed coin completely in half. You begin clean and end clean, what more could you possibly ask for in bending a spectators borrowed and signed coin. So if anyone has ever wanted to accomplish the same type of magical coin bending that the QB 2.0 provides, only cheaper and with more options, then this is definitely worth adding to your collection and performances!
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worth the money. Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on August 4th, 2010
This effect is worth the money due to the multiple routines taught. If you already own the Superman coin bend, you might feel ripped off, but don't. Use the teachings you gain with this and apply it to the Superman gimmick. When it's all said and done, it's about magically bending coins. Let's face it.. The other effects out there are expensive. This works just aswell and provides excellent teaching.
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