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24Seven Vol. 1 by John Carey and RSVP Magic - DVD

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Welcome to Volume 1 of John Carey's 24Seven Project.

Featuring 12 stunning routines that you will use and suitable for all magicians, this is magic that packs a kicker punch!

"Practical and powerful! John's entire Handle With Carey series is a must for all cardicians. John strikes gold with his novel combination of doable, powerful and entertaining card magic."
- John Guastaferro

Featured routines Vol.1 include:

1.Simplex Transpo - John's very clean and direct transposition of two signed bank notes using a wonderful Tamariz idea

2.Gemini reflections - Using a wonderful Karl Fulves idea, spectator and magician replicate each other perfectly in this location

3.Coinkidinky - John's variant on a great Alan Ackerman effect. A very simple and strong production of a four of a kind

4.6 card O and W - A quick 4 phase oil and water that is ideal for strolling workers

5.Split and spread control - A very deceptive tabletop card control inspired by Bernard Billis

6.Interlocking flyer - A vanish and magical translocation of a selection

7.Kick- 4 Queens - a signed card and a ton of visual action in this walk- around worker

8.Imaginary Reality - John's take on the classic do as I do plot using a real deck and one in the imagination. A strong, memorable piece using a wonderful Vernon idea

9.Conscious/Subconscious - Another do as I do designed for the working magician

10.Two to Tango - A selection and a thought of number come together in this impromptu revelation involving 2 spectators

11.Crystal Transposition - A very direct divination and transposition combined. Perfect for restaurant and bar work

12.Shh it's a Mystery... - John's super direct and engaging approach to a Brother John Hamman card classic

Running Time Approximately: 2hrs -Worldwide Playback

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Great Usable Material Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 29th, 2012
24 Seven is a two DVD set of 23 card tricks and 1 money trick. Its is all extremely powerful magic and for the most part no set up, and no gimmicks at all except maybe an extra odd backed card. I'll mention some of my favorite routines off each DVD.

*Simplex Transpo - strong signed bill transpo, but it does require an extra item.
*Coinkidinky - A 4 of a kind production all in the spectators control. Definitely one of my favorites. It uses a move that we magicians all learned in our first kids magic book, but it is so casually disguised and deceptive. I love it!
*Kick - This is a great signed card to pocket routine with a surprise ending. I like to do this routine after Coinkidinky
*Imaginary Reality - This is a fun and easy Do as I Do routine that requires no set up and it plays big if presented clearly and correctly.
*Two to Tango- A selection is found at a "thought of" number. The number is also revealed by the magician. This is a fun casual routine for a restaurant/bar situation.
*Shh it's a mystery - This is a brilliant variation of the old mystery card routine. Very simple and direct.

*It's all a mystery - Another mystery card plot with and odd backed card. I like this routine beter than the other mystery card one. It is very simple and easy, and the outcome is not expected at all. One of my favorites on the set.
*Gemini Production - This is a very clever 4 of a kind production using ideas from A Shuffling Lesson by Chad Long. I like it a lot, but its requires extra plastic black jack mixing cards, or anything else to mark a spot in the deck.
*Impulsive Revelation - One spectator picks a card and loses it very fairly, the other spectator finds it in a totally fair manner. Simple, direct, strong.
*3 Thoughts 3 Located- Just like the name of the trick, 3 selections are found in a very fun way. This is super easy and deceptive.
*When Nyquist met Lorayne - A sandwich routine where a selection is found between two chosen cards. This routine is so beautiful and fair, I love it!
*An impossible Conclusion - A selection is taken out of the packet invisibly and shown gone. Then you invisibly put it back in. I am in love with this method and its simplicity. Plays big.
*On the count of - A chosen card at a freely chosen number. This is freaking clever and simple. Definitely a user.

I love everything on the set for the most part. It is all very simple and direct and requires only a deck of cards. Almost every routine has a real world and studio performance. You will probably find many favorites right away. If you are trying to find strong impromptu card magic you cant go wrong with 24 Seven. If you are trying to learn a ton of new fancy moves, this isn't for you though. I recommend this set a lot for a working magician. Especially for someone that works walk around. Each DVD is , which I think is fairly priced. Check it out!
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24seven Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 16th, 2012
Pleased you liked it!!!

John Carey
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24 Seven Vol 1 and 2 Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 11th, 2012
Both of these DVDs are great. John made all of the effects workers. This is stuff you will use.
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