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Bottle Production by David Penn - DVD

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When you're in a close up or parlour setting this has to be one of the strongest pieces magic you can perform. You will leave them speechless when a full bottle of wine appears right in front of them.

This was David Penn's opening routine when he won 'The Magic Circle Close Up Magician of the Year' and 'The IBM Close Up Competition' and the reactions are guaranteed. David Penn's Bottle Production gimmick allows you to produce a bottle in the most impossible of conditions. You don't even need to wear a Jacket! If your style is shirt over T-shirt, this will work too. If you wearing a Jacket you could open it up fully right before the production. There is nothing to see!

The instructional DVD supplied also teaches you how to produce two bottles using the same gimmick and David also teaches his full commercial routine. This includes the production of the spectator's very own drink!

David Penn's Bottle Production is a great stand-alone piece of high impact magic or it is a great finale to one of your existing routines.

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Frying Time Great !! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 23rd, 2012
I have this effect/gimmick. I'm 'rapt with it !!
Below is a fairly impromptu handling idea I tried without practice ( except for wearing the Gimmick) - It was Frying Time !
I run a small Limo service, using other skills, including amateur magic to entertain my clients, and their children, - mainly impromptu, as the opportunity, or need arises..
First I practised having it loaded, and in place whilst driving/helping clients in, and out of cars.
I decide to try it out, after having had it tucked away for a long time. (A present for use ‘one day’)
So,- just a few days ago,.. I’d found some mini bottles of Champ' - I asked some clients I was picking up from an event, “who would like a little drink of Champagne ?”
Of course all said “Yes” !! I showed the easy to one finger palm miniature. Got a good surprise reaction, a few laughs, and one young lady seriously asked, “do we each get one of those ? ----- ( *It was after a party* ) -
I had a Butlers/waiters cloth over the arm holding the small bottle, which – saying nothing for that moment, I arranged ensuring they could see that it was definitely not concealing anything at all. - As they were 'drinking in' the unexpected vision, of the small bottle being held as if to serve over the cloth, I found it super easy to exchange to the real bottle, so smoothly, from this Very Well Made Easy to Master Gimmick.
My six passenger clients ALL screamed !! They were expecting a Chauffeur, not a Magi ! Nor this impossible appearance. No one, could work out where it came from.
Two said it came from the air. Now that has to be a NFW effect if ever there was !
Mate, I’m still getting positive feedback, even days later from my amazed clients !!
Only my handling of Jay Sankey's ‘Travelling in Time’ has gotten near this great, and very rewarding reaction.
My money was very well spent ! Just on that ONE reaction alone. - Earlier I had made an error in ‘pick up time’ I was willing to do my work for free, to make up for this never before lapse ! Instead,... I was paid well ! The client has spoken to me since saying, the others are still raving about their night with Kevin, and especially this fantastic effect made error free, and possible using this Value For Money Magical Gimmick !
I’m getting another to produce 2x small Beers from elsewhere, Its for those like, who said, “Great man. - No way that ‘Champagne thing’ really happened ! - but I drink beer !”
I’ve tried it with two small beers. Its Perfect with just a little thought. Thanks Penguin !!
Buy it. Try It. Its truly ‘Frying Time’ great !!!!!!!
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Great Gimmick, Poor DVD Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 3rd, 2015
I really love this gimmick. Its well made, unique, and operates very well. I'm giving 3 stars however due to the DVD and ad copy, not the actual device. If you are a worker who is looking for a great way to produce a bottle, give this a look.

The DVD instructions are poor. Installing the actual device is not covered. It's not going to hold me back from figuring it out, but I don't understand why they wouldn't just show what they do when installing a new gimmick.

The method is taught o-k. The DVD feels like they are making the explanation up as they go. I felt like I didn't get to see enough exposed steals.

The routines are taught very well.

The ad copy is a bit misleading. It says "how to produce two bottles using the same gimmick". Yes they teach you a great routine to produce two bottles, however only 1 bottle comes from the gimmick. I was under the impression that the gimmick could hold 2 bottles.
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Credit Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 18th, 2016
Why does no one acknowledge Bob Reed? Forty years ago, he blew away two hundred magicians at a IBM convention. His production was perfection. Even when he explained how it was done, he still surprised the hall. Remember those who create the moments we all strive for.
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Excellent! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 26th, 2014
I bought this from my local magic shop, and I must admit this is by far the cleverest bottle production I have tried yet.
The hookup is very different from other productions such as Splash bottle.
Although it states that you can do the production without wearing a jacket, some sort of cover (i.e a shirt) is required.

When I first opened the box, I was surprised by the looks of the gimmick, but the gimmick is actually very nice and facilitates a clean and impossible bottle production.
My favourite bottle production so far!
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