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Gypsy Curse (Sanctum 6) by Outlaw Effects

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Only those that believe can see the image of her true beauty, that is the Gypsy Curse. Put upon her long ago by a suitor with great powers who loved her very much. She could not return the love he had, and was made to pay a price for that. He could never harm her, he loved her, but one day he put a curse upon her image. No matter who photographed her or painted her picture or drew an image of her, her face would come out horrid and ugly.

One day a lady appeared in her wagon asking for a reading. Afterward the lady asked for the Gypsy's calling card. She told the lady her image had been cursed and she could not give out her card because her image was on it. The lady politely asked if she could please see the card. The gypsy opened a small box and handed her a card. Her face on the card was grotesque.

The lady said her name was Morgana and she would put a spell on her image. It would not remove the curse, but anyone who believed the gypsy was indeed a good soul, would always see her true beauty. Morgana showed the card to the gypsy and the image of her face once again appeared beautiful on the card.

The image of the gypsy is only on one side of the card. You are able to change the face from cursed to beautiful by just holding it in your fingers. It can be done right in front of your audience.

The change can be almost instant from bad to good. This allows for a very good "dual reality" presentation. Show the bad gypsy to one person and ask them to remember the details of what they saw. Seconds later show the same card, same image to a second person and ask them to remember what they saw. One will see a horrible face and one will see a beautiful face. The good image will slowly change back to ugly by itself. You can actually watch the image change. You can also go from the beautiful face to the cursed face. There is only one side of the card with the image. That image changes.No switching of cards, no flipping the card over.

On the back of the card is a wonderful little fortune divination effect.

Each card is hand done and each face is unique, although they all look very similar to the pictures above. The cards are laminated which adds to the mystery of how the face can change when it cannot be touched. The card is sized as a business card and fits in your wallet.

You will have access to a private Gypsy Curse forum

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Not what i expected Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 18th, 2013
Outlaw effects usualy stands for QUALITY, this is not what i expected. you get the special card, that doesent look old at all, it is printed from a low-resolution picture and laminated, and if you study the picture close you will eventually see that somethings wrong. The manuscript is good, but if you tell them the story they wont belive you when they see the picture, because it looks soo bad.
Even if you are into hauntet magic its not worth 22dollars for a manuscript. Overall save your money.
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Not worth the money Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 21st, 2013
This looks really good in the preview. The actual card itself can't be handed out to look at, it is too fake looking. No way anone would believe this is an old photo. The changing face doesn't even look that good up close. It comes with a routine but not explained very well. Does give you a password to access online forum, haven't tried it yet. Overall this is not worth 22 dollars. Save your money.
1 of 1 magicians found this helpful.
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Very performance dependant Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 27th, 2016
Contrary to the other opinions here, I can't stop playing with the Gypsy Curse card. It is extremely clever using a gimmick that I believe that I saw Looch use in his Penguin Live lecture. While it is true that Outlaw Effects is noted more for its involved pocket effects such as Sanctum 2, which is a single card and about 48 pages of tiny-print instructions with a bewildering number of routines, this is a cool, quick sort of throwaway effect, with the added bonus of a PA on the flip side. That's nothing special, but the visible change of the gypsy's face can freak some folks out because it looks organic. This effect definitely depends on showmanship. I would do it as a dual reality effect as the description highlights. The element of surprise is your friend here. Though not a world-beater for pocket effects, this is a nice thing to have for Halloween.
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