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Pieces at 3am Volume One by Dee Christopher (DRM Protected Ebook Download)

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"Dee has outdone himself with this one. It is literally filled to the brim with practical working material. One of the best mentalism ebooks I've read in a long time."
- Matt Mello (Technique, Bullet, Graphic)

Five pieces of stunning mentalism straight from the underground.

Esoteric - Impromptu Wallet Peek:
A number is thought of by a spectator and written upon a business card.

This card is slid face down into the magician's wallet and the wallet closed so that there is no way for the magician to see what is written.

The magician hones in on the spectator's thoughts and commits to what he thinks by writing it on a business card and places it on the table. The spectator is asked to name their thought of number, and the magician's prediction is flipped to show that it is 100% correct!

Loki - Poker Chip Location:
The performer takes out three poker chips of different colours.

Out of sight these are mixed and a spectator is asked to place each one in a different pocket while the performer's head is turned, or he is blindfolded.

The performer turns around and reveals where each chip is located through supposedly reading body tells.

The performer seals a spectator's credit card in a small envelope, or places it in their sandwiched hands. He then number by number calls out the details on their card in a very fair manner with no possibility of a peek!

For Volta - An Ode to Hull:
A new take on a classic technique from Burlingame Hull's "The Volta System."

This technique will allow you to read the contents of sealed envelopes, in Q&A style routines.

Jigsaw - Picture Recreation:
The performer has a group of people stand together and another person take a photo of the group.

The photographed people are then asked to stand away leaving just the centre person. This all happens while the performers back is turned and it's his job to put the picture back together piece by piece thru psycho-analysing the participants.

Pages: 21 - 8.5" x 11" - PDF format

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Rudimentary. Below even simple. My worst purchase on Penguin by far. Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 26th, 2014
Too rudimentary.

Author himself says its too simple everywhere in the book so as to reverse psych you to believe its a niche feature or something. Id be stupefied if anyone would be fooled by these methods. There's hardly a youtube link or anything where the author is seen performing any of these routines though he claims that they are from his repertoire and that he's had people in twists performing these routines.

All in all its my worst purchase ever on penguin which is not their fault however.

Loki's description and a few of the others are described inaccurately in the ad copy above. Me makes it sound thru clever wording as if the poker chips are mixed by the audience. He doesn't tell you that the audience never gets to mix them and he mixes them in his own hands and instructs the spectators where to keep each chip.

Downright children's best guess methods and he finally challenges you in the book saying "Come on your guys, you are mentalists, im sure you can make these work" or something like that. The book is filled with statements like "If your a good performer you should be able to make this come off as a miracle".

Save your money. I wouldn't take this book seriously even if it was for free.
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