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Keep Calm and Carry On with John Carey - DVD

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1. The Teleport card. Inspired by Darwin Ortiz's psychotronic card, this approach to the classic mystery card hits hard and will create a striking impression. No weird moves, just elegant construction and routining.

2. My Luck and your thought. An extremely efficient and practical impromptu invisible deck style piece. A genuinely thought of card is revealed in a very sly and effective manner.

3. Homage to Marlo. Johns self working approach to Ed Marlo's ace of spades trick. A very effective one phase hands off approach to this classic effect, using a utility concept useful for many effects.

4. Extracted from the dark. A beautiful hands off discovery of a mental selection. You will add this to your repertoire immediately.

5. Take her home and Poker!!!
From a spectator shuffled deck, Lady Luck will always shine on your spectator as they always get an unbeatable hand of poker! Features Johns shuffled Ose subtlety. A great utility in its own right.

6. Me and my shadow. Inspired by a wonderful Tony Binarelli idea, this two deck routine will get you great reactions! Features John's work on a classic Hofzinser technique and an amazing finale.

7. It's a mysteryyy. A solid, practical approach to the classic mystery card effect. Technically simple and powerful.

8. Think a think. Would you like a simple, powerful and reliable think a card technique? Look no further as Carey tips his work on this topic. Taught only to a few of his close friends until now, you will be surprised how beautifully simple this is to use!

9. Another kickback. John's gaff free approach to a Ryan Swygert effect. No tough moves. Simple and direct.

10. A mystery in time- George McBride.
John's great friend George McBride very kindly allowed him to share this beautiful handling of the mystery card. We honestly believe this is one of the finest methods to date!

11. Thought trapper. A mental sandwich effect you will love using. Sneaky and devious!

12. Out of sight change your mind. Carey's stripped down approach to a Vernon miracle.

13. It's the thought that counts! Another thought of card piece from Johns repertoire. Built around an imaginary game of Blackjack, you will smile at the method and they will react when you perform it!


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John is AWESOME Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 10th, 2014
I think because this set was produced by Russ at RSVP, it goes without saying how incredible the shots are. The bar looks great, the girls are nice and give genuine reactions and the teaching is directed to be very informative.


First, John is one of my all time favorite card magicians. He has a knack of making typically complicated routines and streamlining them into a very direct moment.

It's so hard for me to say that I like EVERYTHING a person has created when they have a body of work as large as John's. However, I honestly think he is one of the most commercial thinkers today.

What's even crazier is that I continue to see him grow as a performer and creator within each set. If you start with his early work and move up to this set you will find three things:

1. A huge selection of great card magic (a coin trick or two mixed in places)
2. He REALLY understands how people think
3. It's keeps getting better

John gives great crediting, teaches everything well and really gives up some of his best stuff.

Just a couple that come to mind:

Me and My Shadow: This is a SHOWPIECE, as in this is great for a parlor routine. They pick a deck of cards from two different colors, cut and think of a card from the shuffled deck. You name their card, reveal it has a different back and vanish ALL of the cards except the same thought of card in another box. It's a very nice routine that if performed right can be a real "WTF" moment for your audience. Everything is left examinable.

It's The Thought That Counts: You can actually see the breath leave the girl when she sees this. It's very simple, can be set up in front of the spectator (John teaches this beautifully) and BLOWS minds. I can't talk highly enough about this.

I cannot believe John released Think A Think... End statement...

Overall this set is a winner. If you have any of his previously material, you know you are going to love this as well. There's think a card plots, mystery cards, borrowed deck routines and more keeping them as hands off as possible.

While you are at it… Buy:
Streamlined Session Notes
24Seven 1&2
Carey On
Handle With Carey
And everything else he's put out there.

Let's just say... When I grow up... I want to be John Carey :-)
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cool collection Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 22nd, 2014
These tricks and sleights are both strong magic and easy to do. JC has a relaxed and thorough presentation and teaching style. My enthusiasm is not so high for this DVD, because the methods underlying the tricks are mostly quite obvious to me, although a non-magician spectator will probably be fooled.
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Very Commercial Magic Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 21st, 2014
This DVD is full of great ideas, which are easy to learn and really leave an impression. The direct approach to card magic John Carey employs gets right to the point and his effects are direct and easily appreciated by lay audiences. There's good value here ... so add to cart.
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John Carey's BEST project to date! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 1st, 2014
John is a master at card magic routining and this new dvd is his finest to date ( IMHO ).

There are card tricks and there is card magic. John creates card magic. anyone of the creations on this dvd will blow people away!
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