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At the Table Live Lecture Jeff McBride Part 2 - DVD

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The living legend Jeff McBride is back for another round At The Table! Having covered close-up magic and manipulations in his first lecture, Jeff now invites you into his private home for an intimate tour of his personal and hidden library that only his closest friends and students ever get to see!

Afterwards the journey continues through the halls of the McBride House of Mystery, all the way up on stage for a lecture in parlor and stage performing from the master himself. Learn Jeff's tried and tested routines customized for larger audiences, get terrific insights about what takes a stage act from good to great, how YOU can grow as a performer and much more!

Sleights, manipulations and TONS of great advice - all the things we've come to expect from the living legend that is Jeff McBride. Learn from one of the great masters of our art in this highly anticipated At The Table Experience!

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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 19th, 2016
Greeting magical friends,
It is a great joy and pleasure to share my magic with our community.
I hope my offerings attract wise magi that want to pack small and play big!
I also give you a tour of our Mystery School in Las VEgas.

Much of my 45 years in magic is offered in my recent offering Part 1 and 2 of my MURPHYS AT THE TABLE lectures.

This post is referring to my part 2 of my lecture.

Many of the routines I teach in part 2 of the Murphys at the Table lecture are the feature card and cane routines I used in THE ILLUSIONIST tour.
As many know ,THE ILLUSIONISTS is currently the largest touring magic show on the planet. Ive had the pleasure to tour with this show on and off and it was a great experience.
Take a look at this clip, and you will see some of the effects I teach on this lecture with canes and cards.

Included in the part 2 of my lecture are my OPENING DOUBLE FLOATING CANE ROUTINE and KING OF CARDS FINALE routine.
And in-between teaching effects, I share my thoughts and philosophy on magic and life.

Vortex Double Dancing Cane – This is a revolutionary cane technique and a new system for cane levitation.
This is the routine I opened with for THE ILLUSIONSTS show in South America.
Here is a clip of some of the pack small and play big effects I perform onstage as I tour 6000 seat theaters.

The Benson Move – I learned this technique from Bobby Baxter and have used it in my stage show for 40 years! it is VERY deceptive!

Money Application w/ the Back Palm – I use the Back Palm in an everyday situation. Produce a playing card from thin air. The card visually changes to a $20 bill. To end, you reproduce the card and had it all to your spectator. This is a great way to hand out your business card!

The Salamander & Spin –The Double Salamander - For the more advanced, Jeff shows you how to rotate two playing cards around the deck simultaneously.
A pretty card flourish that inspired Adrie Jikh to use it in his Cardistry act.

The Interlock Production – I learned this amazing card production from Frank Garcia and Denny Haney.
Ive used it in my Vegas show for many years.
Regarded as one of the more difficult in card productions, I will show you the inner workings of this fancy looking move. I have never before talked about advice on how to make this move look totally magicial.

Card Spinning Production – Also from my King of Cards routine, learn this beautiful card production. Playing cards spring out of your hands, rotate several times in the air and land in the opposite hands! I close my full ending show with this technique and the floor bouncing…..what to YOU close YOUR Las Vegas show with?

Card Spinning & Card Bouncing –My tips the secrets behind this amazing flourish. Learn how to bounce playing cards off of the ground with amazing accuracy. This comes straight from My King of Cards routine! Ive headlines many Vegas casinos and always close the show with this act. Now I teach you my techniques!
I also closed my segment of THE ILLUSIONISTS show with this act.

Silver Mirage – A giant coin vanishes completely from the fingertips! You show both hands empty; fingers wide open and spread! This is a beautiful piece of magic that can be done while the spectator’s burn your hands! A fooler! Steve Blencoe created this awesome coin vanish and reproduction. To see it floe up is staggering!

Shiva’s Mudra - A very easy and fun to do coin routine that will leave your audience smiling. I learned this from the famous actor Eli Wallach! it isa "Heads-up- Hands _up" coin vanish and comical reproduction.
Money Production – With empty hands, you roll up your sleeves. Out of thin air, produce a bunch of bills! Jeff shows you various ways to use this great production! I use this bill production often to pay a bill at a restaurant…it is fast and easy to set and always amazes.

Squeeker Technique & Sponge Ball Routine – I love the squeakier!…and squeeker techniques and teach you a very fun and visual sponge ball routine that adds character with the McSqeaker. Start off with three sponge balls at the fingertips. Every time you take a sponge ball away and place it in your pocket, another one appears at the fingertips. This goes on and on for as long as you like. this move I learned from Tim Wright who was the star student of Neil Foster.
there is gold in here for those who value pack small play big material.

As far as advice for paling BIG theaters…these effects pack in a small case ..but can show up in a 6000 seat theater..look at the video again
SAME LINK AS ABOVE ( but you might like to see it again!)

Please take a look at the list of effects I teach you..I have shared many of my best secrets with our community.
I hope You enjoy my work…if you have any question PM me on Facebook…It is a pleasure to share magic with you!
Yours in the art of magic,
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