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Noblezada & Royle's - (Secrets of Stage Hypnosis, Street Hypnotism & Mentalism) Mixed Media DOWNLOAD (DRM Protected Download)

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Filmed during the first ever "Hypnotist Entertainment Cruise" as organized by the incredible hypnotist Richard Barker back in 2013, these 15 training videos which between them contain a total of just over 15 hours of highly educational training will teach you the true secrets of success in your quest to become a powerful and profitable comedy stage Svengali and/or street hypnotist.

Jonathan Royle who was the first ever headline speaker on the first ever "Hypnotist Entertainment Cruise" back in 2013 is joined by his friend and colleague Jay Noblezada the legendary magician (advisor to the likes of David Blaine) and a leading light in the modern world of street hypnotism.

All of the footage was filmed onboard the Carnival FunShip Ectasy during the live training events that Royle & Noblezada ran during the first ever "Hypnotist Entertainment Cruise" as organized by the incredible hypnotist Richard Barker who himself makes a few short guest appearances during the footage contained in this package.

Quite literally everything that is needed to transform even the complete novice into a knowledgable, confident and competent comedy stage Svengali and street hypnotist is taught during these 15 hours of PURE GOLD.

From what to say and EXACTLY how to say it through to what to do and EXACTLY how to do it, no stone is left unturned during this truly eye opening and educational package.

From your opening patter (pre-talk) and suggestion tests (set pieces) onto rapid & instant inductions galore, deepening techniques and how to safely awaken subjects is all covered here.

You'll learn how to structure and deliver effective suggestions and get the maximum response from your Volunteers whether on stage or in a street environment.

Noblezada & Royle also discuss and teach the effective use of props and music in your hypnotic routines, safety considerations such as dealing with ab-reactions and also how to combine your hypnotic skills with magical and mentalism techniques and routines for added impact and effect.

Indeed Royle also teaches you how to perform a complete mentalism and mind reading show along the way as well as giving you a short masterclass in the art of psychic style metal bending of spoons and forks enabling you to duplicate the feats of Uri Geller with ease, but also revealing to you how to use these metal bending techniques in a manner to actually increase your success as a hypnotist and your success in hypnotizing people rapidly.

Along the way you'll also learn how to use your new hypnotic skills to make money running group hypnotherapy seminars and events and also how to make massive £££/$$$ with your hypnosis talents even whilst you are asleep at night.

The sections on how to consistently book high paying shows are worth their weight in gold to any stage hypnotist or mentalist who desires to earn the maximum amount of money possible from each and every performance that they are booked for.

Jay Noblezada's sessions on developing the perfect powerful hypnotist mind set and ultimately being able to give far better "high energy" performances will also prove invaluable to all who ever put themselves before an audience of any kind.

In short if you desire to become a master of stage hypnotism and/or street hypnosis or you already work in these areas and just want to book more shows and make more money whilst being more successful in all you do, then quite simply YOU NEED TO STUDY THE CONTENTS OF THIS PACKAGE...

Indeed even those whose only desire is to become a more successful hypnotherapist are able to make far more money than their competitors, will also learn, tons & tons of real world, tried, tested and consistently proven to work WAYS TO MAKE FAR MORE MONEY AS A HYPNOTIST.

In short there are tons of techniques, insights and secrets taught within these videos that you will not find in any other of Royles' (or Noblezada's) training products.

On their own Jay Noblezada and Jonathan Royle are two amazing hypnosis trainers, but put them together as happened here during the "Hypnotist Entertainment Cruise 2013" and the result was PURE GOLD OF THE HIGHEST STANDARD...

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Get rich quick scheme - NOT HYPNOSIS Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 17th, 2018
I have never been more upset about anything I have ever purchased in my life.
This is not a training on how to perform hypnosis. Jay noblezada (who I used to love and respect) decided to get involved with a get-rich-quick scheme. Jay figured out that if he could hire a professional hypnotist and hold a seminar to teach people how to learn hypnotism then he could charge a ton of money. Then he tells the people who took his seminar to do the same thing so they can make a lot of money. In other words this video is not a hypnosis training video. It is a training video on how to get rich quick by holding seminars and charging people tons of money to learn hypnosis.

This video takes place on a cruise ship during one of his get-rich-quick seminars. When I buy a video that teaches me how to do something I expect that I will be able to see the teacher front-and-center I should be able to see everything crystal clear as if I am sitting directly in front of the teacher and be able to hear everything that is going on. This video was filmed during a seminar and you DO NOT have the best seat in the house. Most of the time you're off to the side and cannot see exactly what is going on there's also a lot of background noise such as plates clattering and people talking in the background which makes it hard to hear what is being taught.

The parts of the video that do teach you about hypnosis are extremely basic and will leave you with tons of questions that never get answered.

If you want to learn how to perform hypnosis for entertainment purposes I recommend that you buy "Induction" by Spidey. It is a two-disc DVD set and he covers not only how to perform an induction (putting someone into a hypnotic state) but he also teaches the psychology behind it and provide you with a complete routine to get you started. Not only does Spidey put out a product that is a million times better than this junk it's also half the price.

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