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At The Table Live Lecture Dani DaOrtiz 2 - DVD

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Here's a man who needs very little introduction, Dani DaOrtiz. 1/3rd of the world famous "Fat Brothers," the biggest thing about Dani is his magic and ability to entertain a crowd. With influences like Tamariz and Ascanio, Dani's magic is nothing less than finely honed techniques hidden behind a fa├žade of casual effortlessness.

Not only will you learn mind-melting effects from Dani's repertoire, but he also goes into heavy detail about how he uses his carefree attitude to create moments of misdirection and expand the impossibility of each of his effects.

Join us At The Table with Dani DaOrtiz and be inspired and completely fooled all at the same time!

Parental advisory: Contains some strong language

Here's what you'll learn:

Earthquake: One spectator picks a card, and another merely thinks of a card. After hilariously entertaining banter, Dani uses "vibrations" to find both the selected card and thought-of card.

Two Piles: The spectator freely selects any card from the deck and places it back. The magician then attempts to find the card by going through the deck and pulling out a number of possible cards. The spectator shuffles the remaining cards and pulls out a small packet. Simply by looking at the spectator, the magician narrows down the possible selections to just a single card, the chosen card. Now the magician reveals a miracle. The randomly selected chosen packet consists of the entire suit of the selected card in numerical order.

ACAAN (Any Card At Any Number): One spectator selects a card and loses it back in the deck. Another spectator thinks of a number. Without missing a beat, the spectator counts down to that number and finds his selected card. It's the classic routine in the style that only Dani can deliver.

Impromptu Exact Force: A spectator chooses any four cards and they are placed on the table. The magician then starts creating four piles by asking a spectator to take a packet, or dealing down and asking them to say stop. When the original four cards are revealed to be nothing more than cards, it seems like the magician has made a mistake. But when the number of cards in each packet matches precisely the number of cards in each pile, spectators can't help but drop their jaws.

BONUS: The Multi-Effect Wallet: As a bonus, Dani reveals the inner workings of his Multi-Effect Wallet. He runs through what the gimmick does and also reveals a number of the effects that can be performed with it.

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For just 8 bucks, every fan or student of card magic should buy this. Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 4th, 2018
This is a great 3 hour session with Dani. Greg Wilson talks too much at the beginning, but when Dani fries him he backs off and recognizes that Dani is fully worthy and in charge.

For folks new to Dani DaOrtiz, this is a bargain introduction and a great way to sample his work. For students of Dani, there are plenty of examples of timing forces and other techniques that are so valuable to see in action (including a great bluff finish to a trick gone wrong -- a lesson in itself).

There's great stuff here about perception, including multiple false counts on the table that fry Wilson's mind. There's a deck switch, an enticing demo of Dani's wallet, a gorgeous take on the classic force, a brilliant spill control that channels Lennart Green, great theory, a flurry of four Spectator Cuts The Aces routines at the end to illustrate a theory point, plus several warhorse tricks that I've seen Dani explain elsewhere but still learned new details on.

For just eight bucks every fan or student of card magic should buy this lecture.

(Do not mistake this for Dani's first At The Table lecture, which was rendered nearly unwatchable by the inept host who had nothing to say but wouldn't shut up. That one is terrible, but this lecture is very, very worthwhile.)

For folks seeking more Dani, I most highly recommend his Penguin lectures #1 and #2. Then you can move on to Chaos (2 DVD set also in lecture format, where he excels) and his 4 DVD sets Utopia and Reloaded (Utopia is the stronger one).
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very good Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 21st, 2018
very good tricks , Dany is amazing , you'll learn how to think about magic (well he's take on it that really usefull to hear about) , you receive really more than just tricks here . And tricks are just half of the succes you can have . Yet the tricks are as always with him very goods , killer tricks .
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