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Liquid Killer by Morgan Strebler - DVD

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Morgan Strebler is back with the most creative and artistic metal-bending routine ever created. You must check out the video to experience this masterpiece.

Imagine not only bending a fork - how about miraculously twisting it into a virtually-unrecognizable shape having an artistic look? Spectators' eyes pop out!

This is what the pro's have to say about Liquid Killer:

"...he bends cutlery better than I do."
- Uri Geller (Metal Bending Legend)

"...it literally does what it says on the tin -- kills."
- Peter Turner (Master Mentalist and Creative Consultant)

"...he's taken the fork destruction concept further than ever before..."
- Dee Christopher (BBC's Killer Magic)

"...Morgan is back with his unique metal bending style, but this time on steroids!..."
- Luca Volpe (The Italian Mentalist)

"...all I can say is Liquid Killer... is killer!"
- Fraser Parker (Master Mentalist)

Get and learn Liquid Killer - and watch your audience scream!

TV rights not included with purchase. Please contact SansMinds about TV rights.

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Better than Liquid Metal in many ways Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 14th, 2017
Better than Liquid Metal, in many ways. IMHO here from going through a few thousand forks on the original…

This seems superior to LM in many ways. It’s apparent that Morgan has spent some time developing this (I disliked LM2). The DVD is about 53 minutes long and features Morgan in a studio environment with a first-person-view helping female hand to rub the fork occasionally. The trick involves two forks, just like LM, however the focus here is on bending all four tines in a decorative pattern, more so than the original. Morgan re-uses many features, like the corkscrew, pick a fork any fork, bigger motion covers smaller motion, please rub my fork, etc. However I think he’s solved one of the most problematic issues in LM - namely the “watch me bend it back” issue.

If you haven’t done LM: After you’re finished, if you use a soft fork as he suggests (Dominion) some guy in the audience will promptly remove a bend or two. Easily audience managed, however a pain to any newbie starting out. Many of us have switched to harder forks as a another solution, however those pain the hands after a 4-hour gig. For some reason, the few times I’ve done LK thus far nobody bends it back - possibly due to the twisted tine, not sure. And I’m finally back to Dominions, and my hands are thankful.

The ending star pattern looks better, and is smaller. Again, I’ve done too much LM so let me explain why I like that: I’m less likely to poke myself, ditto with he audience. It’s more compact as a souvenir and appears tighter, thus more impossible and less likely for an audience member to think he can unbend easily. From sight, it just looks harder to undo.

What I liked:
- The final star pattern looks better, and is smaller.
- Maintains some of the best elements of LM (rubber pencil, starter corkscrew), but adding a superior ending.
- Less big hand motions.
- Less “blow on my fork”… never was a fan.
- I think this routine flows better.
- Tine corkscrew reveal looks fantastic. You can see the distorted metal slowly appearing, like it’s seriously happening right then.
- Final product gets more attention on a table. Oddity, I know but when this is sitting on the table it looks more mysterious than the original LM fork. Waiters would normally say “you bending my forks, lol”, but on this one, they’re more “wtf is that” reaction.
- $25 is a great price for this.

What I disliked:
- No live performances? Really?
- DVD only, no download option.
- The “TV rights not included with purchase” limitation.
- Advertised as 360 degree friendly, although if you’re not wearing a jacket this isn’t true.
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Good effect, but... Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 3rd, 2018
I learned this from Morgan at a master class he gave in New York, and got the DVD afterward, so I wouldn't need my scribbled notes anymore. It's a fabulous routine.

But... you need very soft forks to do the routines, which means either getting very lucky at a restaurant supplier or having to buy Liquid Metal Forks. The former cost about $0.05 a pop. The latter cost about $.70 a pop. This is therefore a more expensive routine. I often joke about how metal bending is cheaper than card magic. Well, not so much with this routine.

Also, because this is Sans Minds, you can't perform this for TV, meaning you probably can't perform this on the internet either, which could be problematic if someone at a gig whips out their iPhone and puts you on Instagram. I don't know if they would bother to enforce it at that level, but it's a worry.

I love the effect though. I was working on something similar and this is so much better. I love that it uses some sleight of hand as well as traditional metal bending methods. I love that some of the moves are also useful with a Quantum Bender. I love how this effect inspires me. I just wish I could do it with regular dominion pattern forks and not fancy ones from the magic shop.
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