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Hallucination Deck by Jerome Canolle

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Here is a card trick that gets extraordinary reactions! The effects are flashy.

The magician removes a red deck from a red case. The spectator selects a card. Before the magician loses the card in the deck, the magician shows that the card is red, that the deck is red and that the card is well placed in the middle of the deck.

In a blink of an eye, the deck turns blue! All of the cards are blue except one card, the spectator's selection, which still has a red back!

Magically, the deck now turns yellow! Amazing!

The spectator now blows on his card, and miraculously, it also turns yellow! But there's even more magic. It's unusual to have a yellow deck and a red case, so the magician then changes the case to yellow!

  • Easy to do
  • Includes gimmick and online instructions
  • You will learn how to make your own special gimmicks

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Very Awesome Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 25th, 2018
I waited a good year from the time I sae the trailer to tye time I bought the deck. I was hesitent to spend $40 on a single trick. I was also "iffy" on rather or not it would work in a real world environment.

To my surprise, I had the trick down in a night or 2. Performed it for friends and family after a few days of practicing in the mirror.

It's not necessarily for beginners just in the sense that there are a lot of moving parts. However, depending on how determined you are, I wouldn't put this outside anyone's league. It would help to have *some* previous experience with gimmicked cards.

And if you are looking for some experience on handling gimmicked decks like me, this has many principals worth learning. The people I performed for thought I was switching multiple decks. It's a very cool card trick- I consider it "the Chicago Opener on LSD"- and a great study for any card magician.

PS- the tutorial is in French but has subtitles to a degree. Enough that I watched the 15 minute tutorial once and was ready to go.
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Hallucination Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 26th, 2017
While the trick is great!.,,,, When you get it , try going on the site for the tutorial!!
I do not speak French, so I bought this and wasted $40!
Why would we be sold a trick that only a French speaking person could understand?

Don't buy this unless you are French!!
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final trick Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 30th, 2017
This is my first review for Penguin and while I have bought several things from them I actually have owned this before it was available on Penguin. After seeing the trick performed in French, was intrigued by all of the changes. I will say that the video is fairly accurate in effect. The video instructions were in French with english subtitles but was not difficult to follow. Without giving it away, obviously the deck is not examineable as it has gimmicks of the

What you get:
The Deck
Some extra "material" for deck repair.


Not too bad, most bad angles can be blocked by your handling with the exception of the box change...only 180 there.

Very visual changes one of which seems to happen in the spectators hands if presented properly.

Only one trick with this deck, so either be ready for a deck change or using it as the last...even in the french performance after the trick is done he picks it all up and walks off.Also, without giving too much away, only one of the changes is done "hondo" style, the other you do manually.


While I am not a big fan of gaffed decks, as I would prefer just improving my card handling skills, the effect is pretty amazing to the spectator. I have performed this trick probably fifty or so times and always gets a very good reaction. I usually do end with this trick or switch to other tricks not using cards. Price wise I felt it was worth the money.
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