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Thy Will be Done (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Alexander Marsh and the 1914

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A demonstration of inexplicable cosmic prophecy contained within the esoteric imagery of a SINGLE tarot card.

Mentalism doesn't pack much smaller than this! Carry it always in your wallet for a mystic miracle at a moment's notice with ZERO setup.

Thy Will Be Done requires NO prior tarot knowledge, making it the perfect effect for both tarot virgins and seasoned tarot-workers alike.

The routine utilises three ubiquitous objects: a pen, a coin and a wristwatch. Each of these items can be BORROWED from your participant.

Here's what happens:

You place a single tarot card (provided) face down on the table while explaining that the card depicts a reflection of the choices the participant is about to make.

The participant sets the watch to a RANDOM, unseen time and places it face down on the table alongside the pen and the coin.

While your eyes are CLOSED AND COVERED, the participant is invited to change the positions of all three objects until one is being held by the participant, one is being held by yourself and the remaining object is left on the table.

Their decisions seem SO free and SO fair!

Upon opening your eyes, you turn over the card that's been in view from the beginning to reveal the traditional "Magician" tarot card with an artistic twist.

To your participant's amazement, the card's imagery has accurately predicted the positions of ALL THREE objects.

To end with an added impossibility and ultimate kicker, you draw your participant's attention to the clock face printed on the card; It depicts the EXACT time the participant set the watch to at the beginning of the routine!

Thy Will Be Done ships with TWO high quality tarot cards that have been professionally and meticulously illustrated by esteemed playing card designer Destino. You will receive:

  • 1x traditional tarot sized card for integrating with a pre-existing tarot collection, and
  • 1x smaller, poker size card of the same design for your everyday wallet carry
You will also get access to a 35-minute online video masterclass where Alexander Marsh will personally walk you through all of the secrets and subtleties hidden in both the performance and the card.

Perfect for both magicians and mentalists, Thy Will Be Done can be performed as a stellar stand-alone effect or as an impossible ending to a larger demonstration of tarot mysteries.

Store this single tarot card in your wallet and start performing mystic miracles today.

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The BEST Tarot theme of Free Will trick! (well actually... Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on August 9th, 2021
Where do I start...

This trick did not surprise me in method, as a lover for Will To Read by Steve Dela and Alakazam, Volition - Joel Dickinson, and what obv seems like a bit of equivoque... brings in a B'Wave feel of back and forth.

I love love love the trick as a free will fan in mentalism. I want to make known that if you see the trailer you might not know what is going on but to do exactly what Alexander does, you will need a specific watch...

I have spent two days on amazon, and a full day running errands trying to find a watch that will do this but i had to buy it to take the white slip out of the crown. Without giving anymore info away, you can do this trick a million ways. If you already know Will To Read, you can avoid certain things if you dont have the proper watch for this to do every single thing you see, or you can make your own rendition... I would be putting a video up at some point on youtube if you want to stay updated. I dont know how this sold out so quick but i had a feeling this would be a quick hot seller so i am so glad to get a copy!

The cards (you get a poker and tarot size; so two cards) are made of great quality and will last you a very long time. take care of it... keep one in your wallet/ phone and another with your other tarot cards.

I would give this a 5/5 if i didnt have to alter my performance and to feel like i need to go out and get a watch to do what you have the spec. do...But there are cheap watches i am sure you can find it is just they are very sensitive it wasnt too reliable the ones i found in stores (maybe online is better to try?) However i choose to use a even more out of this world idea using my SB Watch with TimeSmith App by Benke and Andreás.

I would put this on your list when it is back in stock! Dont get discouraged of my watch struggles, this trick can be done with bare bones of just your imagination (which is why i said kinda like B'WAVE)) but it will always be impactful, just is most impactful when they get to touch things knowing the magician didnt mess with it.

Stay Safe & Stay Magical!
- A.A.
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Thy Will Be Done Delivers Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on August 2nd, 2021
First off, thank you Penguin! It still says "processing" on my account and I thought that it would not show up on time, but WOW, it came in the mail today! Totally unexpected!

For just one card, this is a neat trick. I have made up F.W. myself, using Santa items (I am a Santa by trade), so I was familiar with the concept.

I had The Time Machine watch by Rob Stiff, but even a jeweler could not get it to work, so I came up with my own method of forcing the time using the OTL principle. I made one pocket watch pointing to 12:00 and the to be signed ones pointing to 7:14. After the watch is signed, I place it into a small black envelope and have the spectator hover their hands over any two items of the three. The rest you all know. Works great and the signed clock with the matching time catches everyone off guard.

Nice card stock and I will save the small one as a back-up.

Video answers all your questions, too.

Get this trick. You won't be disappointed!
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Time “amiss” direction Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 8th, 2021
This is my first review. It didn’t take but a moment to like the trick. It’s a good trick. It could be one of those fail proof gems. However, like I’ve seen in another review, the watch that you supply may be difficult to find. While there are many on the market and they are pretty accessible, it seems that the modern watches don’t seem to be “exact” in the function it’s supposed to perform (two click). I’ve tried many at a couple of different retail stores. They do function properly but are easy to miss because they don’t seem to be made like they used to be. If someone could link to watches that are more fail-proof, I would change my review to a five star.
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Great trick ! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on August 5th, 2021
I did Not buy this from Penguin I picked it up on the road.
Its a great trick. Beginner level easy to do. Video is very good. I highly recommend this trick. Very clever.
The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because NO DVD, I am a collector, would have paid a couple bucks more if given the option.
Question: How do you pass your Magic collection on to others if there are no directions or DVDs ?
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Compact, simple, strong, but I’d call it more of a warm up Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on August 25th, 2021
I got Thy will be done from a local magic shop and I must say I am impressed, and as someone new to tarot cards it’s inspired me to investigate further into this genre of Mentalism I have only recently heard about.

The effect is great, uses unsuspecting, ungimmicked items that can be borrowed, or supplied by yourself. While strong, this trick is not the most powerful trick in the book, but to use it as an introduction to yourself or the subject of your next trick would be a good use of this trick, the pen, watch, and coin can all be items used for other, more powerful tricks to follow this one up (I for one could see using Mark Southworths Double cross pen and transitioning from there) it’s fine alone, but can be stronger if backed up by another effect using one of the objects on the table.

This trick works great for stage or parlour situations with a tarot sized card, or casual situations with the playing card sized tarot that can fit in your wallet with ease.

The item force is a very old, very well know method in magic, but it works like a charm so who cares

I wouldn’t call it a magician fooler, I was able to crack the secret upon my first viewing of the full performance, but in the eyes of the lay you have absolutely nothing to worry about

Really the closest thing to an issue with this effect lies in the watch, but it is a relatively insignificant one

I doubt I spoil anything when I say the final watch kicker is done with the use of a time force. For the one taught with this the watch cannot be borrowed 100 percent of the time, either you will need to find someone in the room over time with the right watch for the trick, or bring one of your own. With the mass popularization with apple and other digital watches, your best bet lies on the latter.

The video mentions the watch needed can be purchased for a few bucks. I was fortunate enough to already have a watch that can be used for this, but given the watches sentimental and dollar¢s value I’m not going to be freezing it or removing the batteries as some people may do for a time force watch, but rather I force the time a few minutes before my target time and time the final kicker for when the watch falls on the target time, I feel the reassurance that this is a functioning watch that the spectator was handling adds to the already clean ending.

Overall, fantastic trick for casual situations, or opening your show, far from a show stopper, far from a magician fooler, but a great use of ungimmicked everyday items, that could be subbed for items and gimmicks you can use afterwards (again with thy will by done transitioned to double cross, or whatever you want).

Thank you, and have fun
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thy will be done Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on August 15th, 2021
Just A printed Tarot_card. Old concept, old gag. Its in my junk box.
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