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Emergency Card trick

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A card is selected, and the magician attempts to read spectator's mind and fails. He removes an Emergency Card (EC) . "This tells me that your card was the 2S". The EC is unfolded to show 2S. Wrong.

"Then, your card must be the 5S". The EC is then unfolded to show the 5S. Wrong again. "Was it a black card"? No. "I see. That means your card must be the 7H". EC is unfolded to show 7H. "No! I'm positive you will see your card this time".

EC is unfolded to show all 52 cards. "Do you see your card? You do! I knew it all the time. Which one was yours? The Two of Diamonds?"

Emergency Card is unfolded to 8' x 11 ½" to show the 2D!

Sized to fit in hip pocket or the cellophane on a pack of cards, ready whenever you need it.

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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 6th, 2010
(This review is for Emergency Card trick)
Alright, so, just to put this out there, this is almost identical to a magicians insurance policy (the trick). If you have one of those, you might want to stray away from buying this. On the other hand, this gimmick has a few bonus features that are REALLY nice that the Magician's Insurance Policy doesn't have.

So, as in the classic effect, the spectator selects a card. This is lost and the magician tries and tries to find it and fails each time. In hopes that it will help, an "Emergency" card (really a piece of folded paper) is brought out and is shown to the audience.

There are THREE reasons however why I recommend this more highly than the magicians Insurance Policy...

1) Size:

This thing is REALLY small, and as stated, can fit in the cellophane around a card case, your pocket... anywhere.

2) Double Climax:

You have a joke option with this one; instead of missing the card EVERY time until revealing the big one, the second to last fold is that of a "52 on 1" card. This prop is hilarious in of itself and fits in PERFECTLY for this routine.

3) Cheap:

This is less than 4 dollars for something that you will be using for a LONG time. Trust me on this, you won't be sorry.

I love this effect; in fact, I love it more the more that I review it.

Highly recommended as a practical, powerful, humorous way to take up a lot of time in a performance.
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