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Hundred Dollar Miracles by Jay Sankey - DVD

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Jay Sankey has been creating original and exciting applications with Mike Kozlowski's bill switch for years, and now here in one amazing volume Jay includes all his classic bill switch effects along with many other routines he is revealing for the very first time!

A mind-blowing collection of 30 incredible magic and mentalist effects for close-up, stand-up, walk around and even stage performers including restorations, vanishes, appearances, transformations, divinations, penetrations, transportations and more! All using the bill switch!

Jay teaches the switch from three different camera angles so learning the technique has never been easier. Jay also goes into great detail on such important subjects as preparing the billets, practicing the switch and executing the switch in different performance settings.

Learn how to use the switch to bend spoons, color illustrations from a children's book, cause signatures to transpose, push words through the middle of a bill, create wrinkles in drawing of a pair of pants, tear and restore a borrowed and signed bill, move a hole into a bulls eye, bring an image in a photograph to life, cause an illustration of a flower to gain a scent, find three selected cards, and even burst the drawing of a balloon complete with sound effect!

Plus DOZENS more phenomenal effects!

"Thanks to Jay I now can finally perform this wonderful technique. And the routines on the DVD are the very best imaginable." - Jeff H.

"Obviously a lot of thought was put into this. Jay covers everything in remarkable detail. My two favorite handlings are 'Traveling Expenses' and 'Dye Job.' They are both perfect for my walkaround gigs AND my kid shows." - Peter D.

"As usual with Sankey's killer dvds, I laughed a lot. Even though I knew the bill switch is an awesome sleight, I had no idea you could do so much with it. Four stars! Outstanding magic." - Rodney L.

"I can't get over Jay's creativity. Who else would be able to come up with so many strong mental effects using just the bill switch?" - Kyle G.

"I've been a fan for years, but this is the best DVD Jay has ever marketed. An insane amount of information, all of it professional quality. Thanks for sharing the real work." - Barry R.

Running Time Approximately 118 min

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No excuse for not having this Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 27th, 2015
If you do a bill switch of any kind, you should have this DVD, end of story.

If you haven't learned a bill switch yet, you should have this DVD, end of story.

I would venture that most magicians use the bill switch to change a $1 into a $100, and that's it. Jay will fix that for you; there are so many different ideas on this DVD it's unbelievable. There are so many things that you never thought to do with a bill switch, covering both magic and mentalism. There are effects for general audiences, effects for kids, and even some stuff that, with a bit of tweaking, will help you pick up girls in a bar.

Jay is his usual crazy, entertaining, and informative self throughout, alternating between acting like a complete lunatic and providing clear, detailed, and insightful instruction that will help you out not just with bill switching, but with magic in general. I have almost all of Sankey's DVD's, and even if I never perform a single effect taught on a particular one, I always come away with some new ideas or insight into magic; Jay is one of the best minds out there.

Let me also say that I don't use the standard Kozlowski switch, and the only time I ever performed it was for another magician. I do, however, use a tipless bill switch taught by John Lovick on Reel Magic Vol. 1, and a bill switch that I created as well. I have looked at other bill switches, and the fact is that the ideas on this DVD will work with most of them. In other words, you don't have to do the Kozlowski switch or rely on a thumbtip to perform the effects on this DVD.

So stop reading and just buy the damn thing. You will not regret it.
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Oh They Irony! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 2nd, 2010
Here's the irony: I don't do the bill switch. I've not quite mastered it yet. I have extremely dry skin and extremely large thumbs and fingertips that have lost some feeling (too many needle pokes to check my blood sugar). I've had a difficult time finding a thumb tip that works well for me and the switch.

Having said all that, anyone who does bill switch work should own this DVD. Those who haven't learned the technique should own this DVD. Jay goes into great detail on the actual technique with lots of pointers on how to really master the switch. He also spends time talking about different principles and his takes on the use of the move.

On top of that, you will find 30 different ideas and effects that you can do with the bill switch. So think of that: 30 new effects with the exact same method. This means that if you already do the bill switch, you can add 30 new tools to your tool belt instantly. That's powerful. Jay teaches ideas that range from children shows to close up to even stage work.

He talks about using the switch implicitly verses explicitly along with many other thoughst about the move itself. Typical Sankey to be able to take a principle and think of every possible, conceivable way to warp it, bend it, twist it, invert it and use it. Again, remember, if you already do a the bill switch, you'd be crazy not to own this DVD; it instantly adds 30 new tricks that you can do without having to spend any time mastering the technique. For those wanting to add the switch to their arsenal who haven't mastered the bill switch, get this DVD; learn the switch, then you'll also have 30 new tricks. Get it... GEM!
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