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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 5th, 2020
I have many decades of stage performance experience !
And I can tell you
they're only a selected few
individuals who have been granted the virtue of not only being a great artist and performer but a Grand Master of ceremonies person who is articulate astute in his craft & is able to speak
From a packed house to just a few in the audience

David Letterman Steve Harvey Jay Leno
Great examples of having command of
Live audiences

If you think it's easy grab the mic and be the Master of ceremonies one night !

You're either The perfect Host

or (in Sam kinison screaming voice)


I use the word consummate only when apropos one definition is

a consummate professional means to be a professional that is ideal or perfect in your chosen profession. This would include being knowledgeable, enthusiastic and inspiring while on the job.

This session features some serious high caliber material which
Dan was gracious enough to share
The material selected is fine tuned performance tested from one of the top experienced artist of the industry!

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Aug 06th 2020 6:30pm
Are you saying Dan is one of those grand masters? You brought up the subject and then mentioned him much later on a different topic,almost as an afterthought so im struggling to figure out what your point was.

Also, I have to say, Steve Harvey is one of the dumbest humans walking the planet right now. He might be good at commanding a room but I've read alot of his quotes along the way and wow is he an absolute idiot. I'm with you on Letterman but then Dave Chappelle and Jon Stewart if i was going to pick three.

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Aug 11th 2020 7:19pm
Yes your right !
I meant to say that not only is Dan an amazing artist he is one of those select few individuals whom has been blessed with the virtuous gift of a being a quintessential host !
To be a great host and a Master of ceremonies one must have mastery by understanding captivation !
I basically unplugged my TV years ago so I'm not up to date on current affairs and latest tabloid gossip
I learned years ago to distinguish the difference between a person's character /personality / From their virtue
It's two distinct different things all together!
So no matter what Steve Harvey has command of audiences and is a great Master of ceremonies
I'm with you as well on Dave Chappelle and Jon Stewart they are great at commanding audiences

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Aug 11th 2020 8:03pm
As ridiculous and idiotic as it may seem
These artists are great examples at captivating an audience non-verbally by their performance alone !



Mime is an incredibly powerful art form!
Penn and Teller are a perfect example of the power of silence
A legendary musician once said it took him a lifetime to learn what not to play !
Kofi Annan quoted a saying in a speech
In order to be a good musician you have to be a good listener!👂

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