This is strong hypnotism you can be performing TONIGHT. The clever method makes it SO EASY.

Pro Aces by Paul Gordon (Instant Download) Borrow a deck, cut to the aces. A powerful demonstration of your skill. START LEARNING INSTANTLY.
In stock. $9.95
aces card gambling p3
Air Aces By Fenik (Instant Download) Air Aces, they will see them fly trough hyperspace
In stock. $12.99
aces card download
Starry Eyed Surprise II by Oz Pearlman (Instant Download) NEW AND IMPROVED! An eye-popping barehanded four ace production.
In stock. $5.95
aces card close-up production
Pathways to Mastery Lesson 11: Multiple Switches Side by Aaron Fisher (Instant Download) Want the 4 Aces to leap at your command? Master the art of Multiple Switches!
In stock. $34.95
aces card download pathways
Four Ace Routine By Tony Clark (Instant Download) Four aces vanish and re-appear
In stock. $4.95
aces vanish
Slice the Aces By Tom Phoenix (Instant Download) Produce the Aces from a shuffled deck!
In stock. $0.00
aces download free
No Liar Aces by Geni (Instant Download) Imagine , with a borrowed deck, you take out 4 aces, and let the spectator chose 1 ace they want. And now you deal 4 cards face up on the table after shuffle all the cards. Spectator now can lie or tell you the truth about : What is spectator's card ? and you can know what is lie or what is truth, f
In stock. $7.75
aces card download
Deep Guilt Aces trick by David Regal EFFECT: A deck of cards is shown and a spectator freely cuts the deck into four piles. The other cards are shown, so the spectator can see that they could have easily cut to any random cards. When the spectator turns over the four cards they cut to, they discover the four aces! No Forcing, Switches
In stock. $11.25
aces card close-up
4 X Four by Dave Forrest & Big Blind Media video DOWNLOAD Have you ever needed four of a kind? In the midst of rubber gloves, blowing bubbles, cross dressing, male pregnancy and erotic pictograms, Dave Forrest and Owen Packard will walk you through 8 varied methods to do just that in ways that will ensure your audience are gob-smacked! From 'easy-peasy' to
In stock. $30.00
aces card download production
Heavens Aces by Chris Randall video DOWNLOAD On this DVD Chris Randall teaches you one of his trademark routines. Four Jokers are produced at the fingertips one by one and then instantly change into four aces. This flashy bit of sleight of hand fits in as the opener to any four ace routine or even as a moment of magic in your stage manipultion
In stock. $9.95
aces card download
TAssembly by Creative Artists - Video DOWNLOAD This is hands-down an awesome Ace Assembly. As with the rest of the routines, this uses NO gimmicks, duplicates or sticky stuff. The method is something to behold - it's well thought out, smooth, brilliant, and the kicker ending will leave your audience reeling.Bonus: This is a "sleightly" watered-d
In stock. $4.95
ace-assembly aces card download
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