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Tequila Hustler by Mark Elsdon, Peter Turner, Colin McLeod and Michael Murray - Book

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Still using electronics for coin in hand? Think again!

Mark Elsdon's Tequila Hustler is THE game changer.

  • No electronics, no gimmicks, no prep.
  • Any currency, any language, anywhere, any time.
  • Perform in person, over the phone or even Skype.
  • 100% accuracy guaranteed!
Mark initially shared this with only three other performers: Colin McLeod, Michael Murray and Peter Turner. Not only did they love it, all three immediately developed their own handlings and presentations, which are all fully explained in the Tequila Hustler booklet.

Some unsolicited reviews:

"I just read "Tequila Hustler". It is by far the very best method using the liar/truth theme. Very, very clever!!"
- Jean-Jaques Sanvert

"I very rarely praise anything... as I think too many times things are hyped, over priced and many times add nothing to move a plot forward, but thankfully, to me TH was well worth it and I'm glad I purchased it. As someone else said... I will use this for the rest of my life."
- Steve Haynes

"This is really brilliant, and I do not like to hype things. So, it is no hype from my side."
- Jan Forster

"If you liked Marks CAM books then you will love this. It's the best thing he's released for years (and he's released some good stuff!) It's just brilliant how simple it is to do and the thinking in this booklet really is worth so much more than its price. After using this last night I absolutely love it and will use it forever."
- Sean Giles

"I sometimes see posts along the lines of "I wish he didn't release this as I want it all to myself" and I just thought of them as advertising hype from a stooged friend. Not any more. I really wish this was kept under wraps."
- Stephen Young

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Not worth this much. Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 6th, 2016
Having seen a few similarly-described routines lately (some of which are very good), I thought I'd give this one a try. For the $28 asking price I was disappointed. This would be alright as an effect in a book alongside other effects, or as one effect on a multi-trick DVD but the method limits you to exactly the same two questions each time, and there is no way to create any variations and have it work still. This leaves you with, at best, a one-phase trick or one that has to be repeated verbatim each time which limits the chance to make it a more rounded routine.
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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 11th, 2019
This guy here is teaching your product without your permission for free in the youtube video below... check him out.
I don't know if you'll understand cause the video it's in the portuguese language.

He is a guy from brazil and claims to be a mentalist and he teaches your tequila in his private course

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Great concept but expensive Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 6th, 2018
Like people say, the ''which hand is the coin'' trick never earned anyone a medal.
I bought this book because I'm obsessed with the idea of doing that propless. But I bought it mostly for myself, in the sense that succesfully doing this isn't the kind of thing that kills people and leaves them speechless or hysterical.

That being said,
I thought I was diving into body language or something like that, but it's not! And I was surprised and pleased to discover there could be a 100% rate logic to that. Mark also indicates numerous sources from which he developped the effect, so, you can actually learn more about it afterwards if you want more.

30$ for about 30 pages. And 30$ for one effect of ''Which hand is the coin'' is, let's say it, EXPENSIVE...
Because you don't want to do it more than once to your spectator, simply because it falls into being boring, honestly.
There's only one method explained.
But, if you do the effect for 4 or 5 people at once, all of them having a coin in their hands, now it starts being a little bit more impressive for the audience.

Also, great additions and variations to Mark's take by McLeod, Murray and Turner thought.

Book also includes ideas with other objects.
Or revealing the date on the coin at the end but this one IMO cannot fit all situations.
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