Simon Says book Simon Lovell Simon Says book Simon Lovell...
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Simon Lovell's Survival Magic Included on this DVD are some of the very best, no special props required, astonishments that can make you magic all the time. So even when you've lost your luggage, forgotten your apparatus or are just put on the spot to do something spectacular, you'll always be ready to rock the room! List of tri
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Simon Lovell Live Video Simon Lovell, one of magic's hottest stars gives you a front row ticket for his complete award-winning headline act! The Simon Lovell Show is captured live in its entirety, playing to a packed house at New York City's "Monday Night Magic." Simon leaves nothing out, performing "Getting To Know You,"
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Simon Lovell LIVE (Instant Download) A world-renowned entertainer and hilarious con man came to Penguin for a wild 3-hour event. SUPPORT LIVE MAGIC. DOWNLOAD THE FULL LECTURE TODAY.
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Million Dollar Card Magic with Simon Lovell (DVD) What's a MILLION DOLLAR CARD SECRET? It's a little bit of hard-won expert knowledge that will help explode your card magic skills like a drop of gasoline in an engine.
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Million Dollar Secrets With Cards by Simon Lovell (DVD) Simon shares with you in-depth more than 30 card tricks and secrets that will put you in a class above the rest.
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Simon Lovell's Toolbox 6 Dvd Set (DVD) A 6 DVD set of ultimate card moves. Simon Lovells Toolbox Collection puts together over 170 moves from the beginner to the middle magician to the expert! Whether youre just starting out to find new techniques for maneuvering cards or are an experienced magician brushing up on ideas, this is the righ
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How to Cheat at Everything (Paperback) by Simon Lovell - Book A Con Man Reveals the Secrets of the Esoteric Trade of Cheating, Scams and HustlesAn uproarious, encyclopedic guide to all things scam: a world-renowned con man reveals the tricks of the trade, from card and dice tricks to bar bets and carnival games, and some useful protection against seedy psychic
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Gobsmacked by Costas Damianou and Simon Lovell - Trick FREE WILL HAS LEFT THE BUILDING EffectThe magician presents a blue deck of cards. The backs and fronts of the cards reveal it is a 52 card regular deck. The deck is placed face up on the table. This is the last time the magician will touch the deck. The spectator is asked to cut the deck around the
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Simon Lovell: The Methods Behind the Madness (3 DVD Set) Already being called "One of the five best magic DVD sets ever produced", the value of these DVDs to a performer is almost impossible to describe.Penguin Award for must-have DVD Set.
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Packet Killer Starring Simon Lovell (2 DVDs + Deck) The Card Magic VALUE of the Century! Over 40 tricks with Gaffed Cards (a $ 400 Value)! Special Bicycle Ultra-Gaff Deck Included!
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Gambling Moves with Cards featuring Simon Lovell (3 DVD Set) Gambling Moves + Magic = your friends better not let you deal!
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Simon Lovell's Second to None: The Art of Second Dealing by Meir Yedid - Book If you ever wanted to learn how to deal the second card in the deck while making it look like you are dealing the top card--this is your best opportunity.Follow Simon Lovell as he takes you step-by-step through the art of the second deal. He discusses more nuances, subtleties and variations than you
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BETCHA! (How to Win Free Drinks for Life) by Simon Lovell - Book INTRODUCTIONBy Thomas McShane - FBI retired (Author of Stolen Masterpiece Tracker) "G man beware of this C (Con) Man!" was the caveat that was an FBI mantra when I tried to tackle Simon Lovell! Of all the world's con men, Simon Lovell was, for many years, on the top of the G Man's List. In my some 2
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Derek Dingle's Last Notes by Simon Lovell and Rich Marotta - Book TIME Magazine called Derek Dingle "...the greatest card manipulator..." This is not because of the tricks or books that made him famous to magicians. When Derek Dingle performed for laymen, he relied on five classic effects -- reworked with his trademark cleverness, and executed with remarkable skil
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The Floating Key Card...Plus! by Simon Lovell Kaymar Magic - Trick If you are looking for self-working, magician fooling KILLER card magic, then this is definitely the booklet for you. In it, Simon Lovell takes a concept that, frankly, will fool a lot of magicians as it is, and adds touches and tips, and wrings so much from it, that at the end, it'll catch ANYONE!
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SLOB (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Simon Lovell & Kaymar Magic - Trick SO WHAT IS SLOB? Simon Lovell's Oblique Brainwave! A spectator deals through the deck face up, stopping on a card he feels good about. This card is instantly shown to be of a different color back from the rest of the deck. He can even take the card away as a souvenir if he wishes! Liam says - If you
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Success Secrets for Magicians, Mentalists & Variety Entertainers by Simon Lovell eBook DOWNLOAD Having obtained from Mike Danata's Magic Studio (who obtained the rights from Repro Magic) the legal right to distribute the long out of print, legendary book by Simon Lovell entitled "The Magic of Show Business for the 1990's." Jonathan Royle is proud to once again be able to make this most importa
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Super Play It Straight (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Simon Lovell & Kaymar Magic - Trick A spectator chooses a card and keeps hold of it - the rest of the deck is shuffled into a face-up and face-down mega mess. You snap your fingers like a BOSS over the pack, and spread through - somehow ALL the face-up cards are all the Diamonds... and in numerical order! However, your spectator tells
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