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Miracles For Mortals Volume Two by Geoff Williams - DVD

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Volume Two Contents:
BACHELOR'S THREAD - Raj Madhok's marvelous method of magically producing the ring for a Ring & String routine. It just appears out of NOWHERE!
THREADY OR NOT - My "improved" handling for the first phase of any Ring & String routine. Originally based on the Earl Nelson move (in "Variations"), this one addresses two major discrepancies in the original.
READY 2 LINK - A technique that makes the get ready for the Linking Rubberbands TOTALLY INVISIBLE. Based on Roger Klause's brilliant concept of "half-moves".
SHUFFLING STYLES FROM AROUND THE WORLD - A modular card routine where a card is located after a series of shuffling demonstrations. Includes the marvelous "Sybil" flourish cut (thanks to Chris Kenner) which is taught with a 5-card packet for easier learning.
IS IT HOT IN HERE OR IS IT JUST ME? - How to produce a seemingly-lit cigarette from anywhere on your person AT ANY TIME in your act.
DEVASTATION - This might just be the BEST impromptu card trick ON THE PLANET! Tom Daugherty's totally impossible card location that'll devastate your audience (hence the name). Note: there's NOT ONE SLEIGHT in the entire trick! Works with a borrowed deck. Worth the price of this DVD MANY TIMES over.
BEAR HANDS - A great packet trick for kids (or adults) where a bear jumps from a card onto a spectator's hand.
HAIRBALLS - A multi-phase, 2-ball sponge ball routine loaded with magic and designed to keep the spectator from opening their hand early (and spoiling the surprise finish).
THE HAT TRICK - The close-up version of pulling a rabbit out of a hat, suitable even for restaurant workers.
EVERYTHING'S A RADIO - A real reputation maker! Make a radio station broadcast come out of anything: a ketchup bottle, a crayon, a drawing... ANYTHING!
IF THINE EYE OFFENDS THEE - Your eyeball falls out. You wash it off in your mouth. You glue it back in. What could be more natural?
Volume Two Bonus Effect:
FURIOUS, JR. - A "penny to jumbo coin" routine inspired by the Gary Kurtz original.
Running Time: Approximately 1hr 58min

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Geoff Williams Rocks Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 2nd, 2010
Shuffling Styles From Around The World (3/5) - A fun routine with a lot of presentational potential. Clever creation for sure.

Devastation (6/5) - Best trick ever! This rocks, and when you learn how it's done, you'll kick yourself. It's so simple, but it totally fooled me! You'll dig it for sure.

Hairballs (3/5) - This is a decent, maybe slightly above average sponge ball routine. However there are a couple of key points and ideas that are definitely worthy of your attention.

The Hat Trick (4/5) - This one is just plain cute. A rabbit from a "silk" hat minus the hat. It's a fun little routine for strolling or any type of close up or parlor.

If Thine Eye Offends Thee (1.5/5) - This just gross. However, Geoff's handling of the eyeball is amazing. His pantomime, sleight of hand, misdirection, and performance are excellent.

Everything's A Radio (10/5) - Ok folks. This is the reason you buy this DVD. This is not Geoff's original idea (he credits everything). However, his handling, ideas, gimmick construction, routining, etc. are golden! In fact, this is the effect for next month's Diamond Mine. Jim will be building the gimmick, testing it, and informing us in January 2010's issue of the details including reactions, costs, practical-ness and more.

This DVD set, by far, is the best thing on this month's list of Gems and Rubble. Miracles For Mortals: FREAKIN' GEM
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