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Flip Cup by Kyle Marlett (DVD + Gimmick) Visual and purpose-driven magic is as good as it gets. Flip your magic up a notch! NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $19.95
close-up dvd production straw
Exit Strategy by Jay Sankey - Video DOWNLOAD Cause a borrowed finger ring to melt through two ordinary drinking straws under test conditions. Jay's been performing this mysterious effect in combination with Tarbell's classic "two straws penetration" routine for years. And thanks to the very sneaky method, Exit Strategy is extremely easy to per
In stock. $2.99
close-up download penetration ring straw street
Restrawed by Cameron Francis (Instant Download) The PERFECT restaurant trick. A STUNNING restoration. Just grab a straw and you're ready! LEARN INSTANTLY. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $9.95
close-up download p3 straw
Michael Ammar - Easy to Master Thread Miracles - Set (Vols. 1-3) - DVD There is more powerful potential in just a few feet of invisible thread than almost anything else in magic. This is magic that becomes the stuff of legends. No matter what type of magic you perform, from the purest sleight of hand to the largest grand illusions, this is the type of magic that create
Out of stock. $91.88
buisness-card close-up coin dvd levitation money-trick pencil penetration ring-trick silk-trick stage straw street
The Sizzle (Instant Download) Your spectators EXAMINE a straw. They CHOOSE a spot on the straw. You RUB on that spot, and the straw starts to MELT. Unwrap the straw and HAND EVERYTHING OUT FOR EXAMINATION!
In stock. $9.95
Stir Crazy (With Gimmicks) by Dan Hauss & The Blue Crown - Trick Drinking straws are everywhere. Millions of them are used each day in restaurants, schools, offices, and more. They're an incredibly common, ordinary item that nobody thinks about. That's what makes Stir Crazy so incredibly powerful. Instead of using cards, coins, or suspicious props, what could be
In stock. $16.95
close-up dvd straw street
TransCup by David Ethan - Trick EffectYou drink your favorite soda in a cup, and at will, the straw goes through the cup.From the book's introduction: The idea of this trick came to me in a fast food restaurant: I finished my soft drink by playing with my paper cup and I wondered what kind of trick I could do with it...&
In stock. $7.50
close-up penetration straw cyber-monday-2017
Climber by Jay Sankey - Video DOWNLOAD Slip a drinking straw into a can of soda and "capture" a few drops of soda into the end of the straw. Then get gasps from your audience as they see the soda slowly rise up the straw! It really looks impossible and is much easier to do than you might think. And yes, you can even hand out the straw to
In stock. $2.99
close-up download straw street
N.S. by Hui Zheng - Video DOWNLOAD Imagine that you are eating with your friends. Then, you pull out a straw; you then visually change it into another straw. Please check out the demo video :) *Easy to do*Instant Reset*Bonus Included!
In stock. $3.95
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