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IBoss (WOOLY) Ultra Thin Thread by Sorcery Manufacturing Sorcery Releases the NEW I-BOSS Ultra Thin Thread Reel Includes 10 Mind Blowing Routines 50' of Superior Quality Wooly Nylon Invisible Thread Online Video Instruction and Refill Install InstructionsAmazing Retraction Distance for its small slim easy to hide design! We are so happy to bring you
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I-Boss (KEVLAR) by Sorcery Manufacturing - Trick Sorcery Releases the NEW I-BOSS Reel Includes 10 Mind Blowing Routines 50' of Superior Quality Kevlar Invisible Thread Amazing Retraction Distance for its small slim easy to hide design! We are so happy to bring you this Amazing Device at this incredible Price, regular Retail on the Boss reel was .9
Out of stock. $14.97
i-Micro Ultimate Levitation Device by Sorcery Mfg. This invisible thread reel is extremely compact and is perfect for a multitude of invisible thread illusions. The reel uses Kevlar thread and is perfect for levitating a variety of objects to the amazement of your spectators!You can do the Amazing Floating Ring Routine!You can do the Amazing Haunted
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X-Static by Ben Williams (Instant Download) Create a static charge in borrowed items!
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Infinity V2 (Invisible Elastic Thread 200 feet) by Infinity Productions - Trick "The Infinity floating bill is amazing, deceptive, and practical. The new hook-up is clean, direct, and natural."- Johnny Ace PalmerLevitation is about to enter a new era. This best seller returns with a new floating bill effect on the leading edge of magic. It includes the long-awaited premium Infi
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3D Hologram Chamber - Trick Place any small object inside the bowl and replace lid. The object appears to float above the bowl! Watch the fun as someone tries to grab the object! 6" in diameter and Includes a red knit ball.
Out of stock. $8.95 $7.16
At The Table May 2018 Subscription video DOWNLOAD With performances across Europe, Asia, the US, and Australia, it's safe to say Losander is a World-Renowned Magician that has been captivating audiences for years. Known for enthralling even the most skeptical, Losander's magic is sure to inspire and delight! Using simple tools, you will learn how t
Out of stock. $9.95
Mini-Zombie Ball (Ball & Wand) by Vernet - Trick A Pocket Version of One of the Most Famous Tricks EFFECT: The performer covers the ball with a silk pocket handkerchief and while he holds the corners of the handkerchief, the ball begins to rise in a ghostly manner! Then it floats away under the handkerchief, up and down and finally rests on the ed
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Trinity Wallet by Matthew Wright - Trick An amazing, multipurpose wallet. Following on from the massive success of the complete sell out Fourseen Wallet, and the limited edition Vader Wallet, Marvelous-FX is back with the third release in its series of incredible magicians' utility wallets... the Trinity Wallet. Built into the wallet are t
Out of stock. $99.95
Wonder Floating Balloon by RYOTA - Trick The Real-Magic that is performed in various Japanese TV programs and dinner and floor shows by Real-Magician RYOTA has finally arrived! The balloon which is blown up with a mouth begins to float in the air as falling under a spell.After it's wandering in the air for a while, it goes back to normal i
Out of stock. $50.00 $38.50
Balance (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Joshua Jay - Trick First came "Inferno," which won Trick of the Year in 2012. Then came "Out of Sight," which fooled Penn & Teller. After eight years of development, performed exclusively at the end of Joshua Jay's parlor shows, he is ready to unveil a sensational, unique wonder... AND SAVE if you buy early becaus
Out of stock. $250.00
Cardiographic Lite RED CARD Refill by Martin Lewis - Trick 30 more refills for your Cardiographic Lite RED CARD (7H). No instructions included. About Cardiographic Lite Cardiographic Lite packs all the power of its famous parent. Featured in David Copperfield's touring show, this is the trick that recently earned Jon Dorenbos a golden buzzer on America's Go
In stock. $25.00
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Zombie Ball (World's Greatest Magic) - DVD by L&L publishing Imagine the best magic, the best magicians, and the best producers all in one place.Imagine no more...The Secrets of Zombie BallLearn a classic of card magic that your audience will remember forever.If you could have one set of magic DVDs, this would be it! This benchmark collection features just ab
Out of stock. $19.95 $15.36
UNITY by Esya G (Instant Download) UNITY is an amazingly balanced and very beautiful union of coins. Anytime and anywhere...
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TIPTOP by Esya G (Instant Download) Stunning balance of a Sharpie marker and a card deck. Of course, with a unique method!
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Andrus Floating Card Red (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Jerry Andrus - Trick An Andrus classic is now BACK! The Andrus Floating Card is a beautiful illusion. Two separate playing cards are shown. There is nothing in between them or connected to them. The two cards are placed onto the palm of the hand. Slowly the top card is seen to magically hover over the second. Then to pr
Out of stock. $10.00
Tiptop 2.0 by Esya G (Instant Download) You've never seen this... until now! Here's a stunning balance of a pencil and a card deck. Uses a brand new and unique method!
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Stars Of Magic #2 (Paul Harris) - DVD Paul Harris is regarded as one of the most creative forces in the history of magic. Innovative methods, entertaining plots and great audience appeal are hallmarks of Paul's effects. PAUL HARRISIMMACULATE CLOSE-UP! (VOL 4)Bleached Blackjack The J.A.P.H. Maneuver Mondo Nifty False Count Cellophan
Out of stock. $14.95 $12.26
Retro Magic Alex Lourido (2 DVD set), DVD View ClipEffectFrom the creator of the popular Osmosis Bottle and Butter Coin, Alex Lourido bring you his newest masterpiece -- Retro Magic! This two hour, two volume DVD set consists of Lourido's well balanced diet of magic that is so incredibly unique, he has been deemed "One of the greatest mode
Out of stock. $24.99 $19.24
Floating Sunglasses EffectThe magician removes a pair of sunglasses from his pocket. With a snap of the fingers, both arms on the glasses unfold by themselves. After a few moments of concentration, the glasses suddenly begin floating up and out of his right hand over to his left hand. The glasses mysteriously fly up ou
Out of stock. $70.00 $52.50
The Thread Boss Reel by Sorcery Manufacturing This Reel is the Ultimate Close-Up levitation device for the Professional Magician. The Reel Features Adjustable Tension and includes over 50' of very fine Wooly Nylon Invisible Thread. The New design gives you 10' - 12' of usable retraction distance from a reel that measures only 3/8" by 2 - 1/4" T
Out of stock. $39.95
Self Levitation, DVD The Self Levitation was a feature and one of the most talked about items on David Blaine's Magic Special.  This DVD teaches the complete work for this practical yet amazing levitation. Ever since man first saw a bird take flight across the sky he has dreamed of defying the law of gravity. For c
Out of stock. $15.00 $11.70
Classic Renditions Ammar- #1, DVD --Blaine Watch--On David Blaine's Magic Man TV Special, he features the floating dollar bill. Learn it in this DVD. A true Magician / Intellectual, Michael Ammar takes you through all his routines using the latest findings in brain research and sports training techniques that will make learning the
Out of stock. $34.95 $26.91
Learn to Levitate, DVD Learn the Secrets of LevitationLearn the most amazing feats of magic possible-levitations! No effect compares to having an ordinary, everyday object seemingly defy gravity. Watch your audience gasp with delight as they witness the miracle of levitation. On "Learning to Levitate," you will learn the
Out of stock. $12.50 $9.38
Flesh Tone Invisible Thread by Sorcery Manufacturing - Trick This very fine flesh toned invisible thread is perfect for the professional thread magician. This thread is twice as strong as traditional thread, and it is much better for fluorescent lighting. This thread is perfect for close-up or strolling magic and is incredibly fun to perform with!! Now 10 fee
Out of stock. $6.00
Harry Allen Comedy Bits and Magic Routines Vol 2 - DVD Comedy Bits and Magic Routines features Harry in his natural environment, in front of a fun-loving audience, demonstrating his favorite magic effects and showing off his encyclopedic supply of one-liners. Along the way, you'll gain insights and learn finesses on tricks you may have resigned to your
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Real Floating Card by Eric James - DVD View Clip EffectSo, you like leviation effects? Well Alex Markov has created what some are calling the best of the best when it comes to close-up levitations. The performer shows his hands empty on both sides, then hands hand out or borrows a deck of cards for shuffling. A spectator then selects a
Out of stock. $17.00 $13.09
Magic Anytime Anywhere by Dirk Losander - DVD This DVD is all about doing impromptu magic. Losander presents his show out of pocket. The show is structured to create maximum impact and be highly entertaining for audiences of all ages and demographics. Losander has mastered the craft of being a magician 24/7. Now, he will share his secrets with
Out of stock. $30.00 $23.40
Art of Levitation Part 1,2, & 3 by Losander - DVD A specialist in the field of levitation and inventor of the "Floating Table," Losander has compiled an interesting array of effects with some new ideas. Utilizing a new thread system, Losander shares ideas and insights on the performance of levitation effects for stage and close up. Effects demonstr
Out of stock. $35.00 $28.00
Pockets Full of Miracles by Diamond Jim Tyler - DVD This DVD contains the original volumes 1&2, cramming in 23 of the routines from Diamond Jim's "sold-out" book. The performance shots were filmed impromptu in a restaurant and at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA. This DVD will teach you some of Diamond Jim's best work, audience tested, mind blow
Out of stock. $40.00 $30.00
Al Schneider Stand Up #4, DVD Though he is known for his legendary close-up magic, Al Schneider is also an accomplished stand-up performer and on this volume, he performs and teaches a 15-minute act that's all packaged and ready to do. Add some practice and you'll have a powerful show for any occasion.CONTENTS INCLUDE:LINKING RI
In stock. $29.95 $23.96
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Peki's Art of Floating - DVD Peki, a F.I.S.M World Champion, with more than 25 years of professional experience, has performed in more than 50 countries. This DVD features Peki performing and explaining his favorite, professional, close-up floating routines. Peki has studied the art of floating objects for many years and now re
Out of stock. $34.95
Beach Memories by Michael Lair - Trick A beach ball magically animates in your hands!
Out of stock. $15.00 $12.00
Art of Close Up Levitation Vol 2 - No Strings by Jon Jensen - Book The Art of Close Up Levitations Vol 2 is a book by Jon Jensen with over a dozen different methods and routines for floating objects without the use of threads. Actual close up magic that can be performed quickly and easily such as Lite Beer, Toilet Paper Suspension, Floating Doll, Imprompt
Out of stock. $20.00 $15.60
Art of Close-up Levitation by The Underground - Book One of the best books ever written on floating effects!QUESTION: What happens when you lock Steve Fearson, Dan Harlan, Gary Darwin and five underground magicians in a sealed room?ANSWER: You get the best book ever written on floating effects!Includes:Fantastic Floating Ring: Steve Fearson's ultimate
Out of stock. $15.00 $11.55
Animated Origami Bill trick Lair EFFECT: After discussing today`s economic inflation, a dollar bill is borrowed and "inflated", transforming the bill into an Origami balloon! The balloon bill then rolls mysteriously across both arms, and is returned to the spectator, who will stay up most of the night wondering how you inflated and
Out of stock. $15.00 $11.55
Andrus Floating Card EFFECT: Two playing cards are shown front and back, then one levitates above the other! The levitated card can be spun, and the lower card can be raised and waved beneath the floating card. At the finish, the cards are again shown front and back. Easy to Do
Out of stock. $10.00
Acrobatic Rose - Trick Acrobatic RoseEffectThe Magician removes a beautiful long-stem red rose from a vase of assorted flowers and shows the rose to the audience. He then pulls an elegant long silk from his jacket pocket and shows the audience that he has only the silk and the rose in his two hands. He puts both hands out
Out of stock. $85.00 $63.75
Ammar 2000 Lecture notes Includes: A Review of the Topit The Bottle Production Coin in Bottle J.C.'s Super Closer Incredible Business Machine Hard Cash The Floating Bill Coins Through the Table The Difference Between Gambling and Magic The Self Printing Business Card Silk to Egg
Out of stock. $10.00 $7.50
Antigravity Boots - Peter Marvey (lar) (LAR) Antigravity Boots - Peter Marvey (lar)...
Out of stock. $399.95 $299.96
Antigravity Boots - Peter Marvey (med) (MED) Antigravity Boots - Peter Marvey (med)...
Out of stock. $399.95 $299.96
Antigravity Boots - Peter Marvey (sma) (SMA) Antigravity Boots - Peter Marvey (sma)...
Out of stock. $399.95 $299.96
Counter Weight by Mathieu Bich - Trick The Ultimate Suspension Deck!This fantastic effect allows you to astound audiences by performing impossible deck suspensions. The effect includes all props necessary, and an instructional CD-ROM.- Easy to Perform- Easy to Carry- Can be performed with a borrowed deck!!
Out of stock. $24.00 $18.00
B. Abbott Performs Standup for Kids - Bill Abbott, DVD Bill Abbott has entertained audiences across North America and Western Europe with the magic on this DVD for over 19 years. Now you can experience the original, magical, and very funny stand-up magic for kids that Bill has honed through years of tough experience. Recorded at a resort in front of a
Out of stock. $34.95 $26.21
A Day With Finn Jon, DVD A Day With Finn Jon is a session with a master innovator in the field of magic. A great DVD to have on its own or as a sequel to the first DVD "The Incomparable Finn Jon."A Day with Finn Jon will take you through some wonderful variations of his themes, working with bubbles, balls, cards, and money.
Out of stock. $34.95 $27.26
Eugene Burger's Spirit Magic Volume 24 by Greater Magic - DVD "The spirits are an age-old theme, a story from darkest history, and therefore a presentational anchor that can be used with many different magic tricks." - Eugene Burger Spirit Magic adds an element of mystery to any ghoulish gathering or macabre meeting. Audiences remember the demoniacally differe
Out of stock. $29.95
Spectators Don't Exist Jon Allen, DVD Now on DVD!Good performers avoid "me-versus-them" situations by breaking down the wall between themselves and an audience. In Spectators Don't Exist, professional magician Jon Allen explains how to even the most passive of "spectators" into enthusiastic "participants."Jon opens a Pandora's Box by pe
Out of stock. $29.95 $25.76
All Access by Michael Lair - DVD The All Access DVD shows 18 of Michael P. Lair's top-selling effects performed. You will see performance only of: Animated Origami Bill, Beach Memories, Big Coins!, Candle Rewind, Cane Fire, Chinese Appearing Sword, Chinese Fan, Chinese Lucky Envelope, Cool Coil, Fanfire, Firefall, Fire Flower/Rose
Out of stock. $20.00 $15.60
Enlightenment Development Kit by Ben Harris - Trick 50+ additional ideas, effects, and applications with the amazing Enlightenment Concept You won't believe the ideas expounded in this 100 PAGE BOOK: "FURTHER ENLIGHTENMENT"-Tips on getting the best from the Floating Card Application, plus dozens of OTHER WAYS to put the principle to use. Lots of prac
Out of stock. $45.00 $33.75
Rising Wand by S.S. Adams - Trick Rising Wandby S.S. AdamsA magic wand will rise on command, or even leap up out of your hand, in defiance of the law of gravity!
Out of stock. $1.73
Upward Magic Wand - Rising Wand (glitter) (GLI) Upward Magic Wand - Rising Wand (glitter)by La Clef Des MiraclesEffect The Upward Magic Wand, also known as the rising wand is a fantastic effect. The magician holds the wand in is hand, and it visibly begins to rise. The magician's hand itself stays put as the wand slowly moves upward within his g
Out of stock. $10.00 $7.50
Upward Magic Wand - Rising Wand (gold) (GOL) Upward Magic Wand - Rising Wand (gold)by La Clef Des MiraclesEffect The Upward Magic Wand, also known as the rising wand is a fantastic effect. The magician holds the wand in is hand, and it visibly begins to rise. The magician's hand itself stays put as the wand slowly moves upward within his gras
Out of stock. $10.00 $7.50
Upward Magic Wand - Rising Wand (silver) (SILV) Upward Magic Wand - Rising Wand (silver) by La Clef Des MiraclesEffect The Upward Magic Wand, also known as the rising wand is a fantastic effect. The magician holds the wand in is hand, and it visibly begins to rise. The magician's hand itself stays put as the wand slowly moves upward within his
Out of stock. $10.00 $7.50
Upward Magic Wand - Rising Wand (White) (WHI) Effect The Upward Magic Wand, also known as the rising wand is a fantastic effect. The magician holds the wand in is hand, and it visibly begins to rise. The magician's hand itself stays put as the wand slowly moves upward within his grasp. The effect comes with detailed instructions.
Out of stock. $12.50 $9.38
Alien Spinning Thing trick & video (Green) (GRE) This amazing little gadget seems to float, spin, and hover in mid-air. Available in red, green and blue, Alien Spinning Thing is a card sized light up trick that will stun an audience- especially in a dark setting. Includes an instructional video cassette, owners manual and battery- you'll have eve
Out of stock. $24.95 $18.71
A.I.R. (Almost Impromtu Riser) by David Forrest - Trick Q. Is it possible to perform the classic Rising Card effect without strings, magnets or elastic and without gaffed cards or gimmicked decks of any kind?A. It is now. With David Forrest's A.I.R!With A.I.R. all you need is an ordinary deck and one minute of simple preparation. You are now set to cause
Out of stock. $15.00 $11.25
Float This! by Will Roya - DVD Are you ready to float this!?Professional Las Vegas magician Will Roya will show you how in a clear, concise and entertaining manner. With the special materials included to get you started with this DVD, you'll be taught step by step on how to accomplish miracles with ordinary ungimmicked objects. I
Out of stock. $19.95 $14.96
Brainstorm In My Pajamas by Ron Dayton - Book Ronald Dayton's newest book, "Brainstorm In My Pajamas" a humorous title for one heck of an idea book. Ron Dayton is one of the most prolific mind in magic, and his alter ego- KOTAH as been popular on the bizarre scene for years as well. Well, Ron has compiled a series of ideas, tricks, improvements
Out of stock. $39.95 $30.76
The Complete Ganson Teach-In Series Deluxe Edition by Lewis Ganson and L&L Publishing - Book SPECIAL COLLECTOR'S EDITION The deluxe version of The Complete Ganson Magic Teach-In Series is a beautiful volume that matches previous collector's editions from L&L Publishing, featuring gold-foil stamping, special matching end papers, and a different binding than the regular edition. What's mo
Out of stock. $175.00 $164.50
Pockets Full of Miracles (Anniversary Edition) by Diamond Jim Tyler - DVD Features 23 mind-blowing routines on one disc!To date over 2000 copies of this video have sold! To celebrate DJ has released this "Anniversary Edition" DVD in a new slim-shell case. The performance shots were filmed impromptu in a restaurant and at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA. Learn the routin
Out of stock. $35.00
Magnetic Cane by Kenton Knepper - DVD A favorite among many names from the past, Kenton finally tips his unique handlings and methods to cause canes to adhere to him as if he were a human magnet. Kenton has performed this on television and at a premiere screening for the movie The Illusionist. A walking cane (ungimmicked) is examined th
Out of stock. $25.00 $18.75
Hiding the Elephant by Jim Steinmeyer(Softbound) - Book Jim Steinmeyer's 2003 book is a journey thorough the rich history of magicians, their creations and their quest for the impossible. Starting with Houdini's famous and infamous illusion of making an elephant disappear, Jim traces the various inventions in "optical conjuring," from Pepper's Ghost to T
Out of stock. $14.95 $12.33
Ultimate Wand Levitation (Wood, Gold) - Trick Each wand is hand crafted from real wood. The process of making the wands takes 11 months from start to finish. Each wand has been created using several trade secret processes to make them perfect for professional levitations. Made from real wood, hand sanded, stained, and poly coated 3 times, hand
Out of stock. $249.95 $192.46
Electric Floating and Glowing Ball by Trick Productions - Trick EffectA bright red glowing ball is shown and then covered by a cloth. Suddenly the ball starts to rise upwards into the air, taking the cloth with it. Now the magician holds the cloth in fron of him and the ball starts to float behind and in front of the cloth. It dances and moves of its own accord!
Out of stock. $58.95 $44.21
Floating Cap By Dirk Losander - Trick Losander, Master of the Art of Levitation, has created a new levitation effect, The Floating Cap. This effect can be performed in a close-up setting or on stage. Borrow a baseball cap, or any hat you can find from an audience member. You also need an ordinary handkerchief, which again you can either
Out of stock. $80.00 $61.60
The Cloak by Justin Miller - DVD The Cloak is a brand new elastic hook-up that will: Minimize breakage by 99%! For the first time ever...freedom in your floats and animated effects that you did not have before, this has got to be seen to be believed Flotation,movement,and animation on almost any object with pinpoint precision! No j
In stock. $30.00
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Kevlar Mini Thread Boss by Sorcery Mfg. - Trick EffectNow in a mini version with our Exclusive Kevlar Thread! This thread proves to be invisible even in the most adverse of environments. Especially good under florescent lighting, unlike any other Invisible Thread ever released. Due to the strength of this thread we are getting a phenomenal retrac
Out of stock. $60.00
Aztek (The Ultimate Levitation Principle) - DVD An impromptu trick and one of the most UNUSUAL principles to come out for a long time! Aztek is a great concept. It's a gimmick that will make any borrowed bill levitate on your palm or on the back of your palm under impromptu conditions. This new device usesno threads no magnets no wires!You can ma
Out of stock. $19.95 $15.56
Amazing Lite-Flite (New Millenium Edition) by Perry Maynard - Trick Effect The magician reaches into his pocket and produces a small illuminated ball. On the magician's command, the ball starts to float in mid-air. As the ball is floating, the magician gives the ball a spin. The spinning ball now floats around. The magician's hands circle around the floating ball, d
Out of stock. $30.00 $23.10
Amazing Lite Flite Instructional DVD by Perry Maynard - DVD "This is a companion to the Amazing Lite Flite trick which must be purchased separately. The Amazing Lite Flight is NOT included with the DVD. The Amazing Lite Flite trick comes with detailed written instructions but this is an additional instructional DVD for those wishing to learn from the DVD for
Out of stock. $15.00 $11.55
Art of Levitation - Part 3 by Dirk Losander - DVD Art of Levitation - Part 3by Dirk LosanderAt last, the Master of Levitation, Losander, brings you the Art of Levitation Part 3. Losander has created several new thread systems using elastic thread. With this DVD you will learn how to float and animate light objects. Some of the effects you will lear
Out of stock. $45.00 $33.75
Revolution by Jeff McBride - DVD REVOLUTION: The Secret Of The Double Dancing CaneFeaturing The Vortex - 2 floating light staffs that dance and spin around the stage at your commandandSPIN-STIX: Whirling, Twirling Tornado Wands.A Revolution in the Evolution of the Dancing Light Cane.DVD ContentsDVD recommendations Types of canes to
Out of stock. $29.95 $22.46
Excalibur (Floating Table) With DVD by Dirk Losander - Trick Excalibur (Floating Table) With DVDDirk LosanderIntroducing the new Excalibur Floating Table!15 years ago Losander created a special effect "The Floating Table". It is the best Floating Table you have ever seen.EffectA solid table, which is used during the show to hold your props, begins to rise, st
Out of stock. $999.95 $749.96
Paradigm Shifter by Ben Harris - Trick The Perfect Magnet to drive Ben Harris' Enlightenment - The Ultimate Floating Card or any PK Effect. Compared to other PK magnets, the Paradigm Shifter is quite moderate in it's strength. It is designed to be finger palmed for close use to the Enlightenment Engine. Some of the larger and stronger PK
Out of stock. $34.95
Magic At The Edge (3 DVD SET) by Jeff McBride - DVD BEYOND STREET MAGIC! FILMED LIVE ON LOCATION AT BURNING MAN AND LAKE TAHOE! The middle of the Nevada desert. Four hundred square miles of nothing. Not even streets. Just 50,000 people attending the world's largest art festival. It's Survival Magic and there are no spectators, only participants in th
In stock. $99.99 $79.99
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Easy Magic Tricks by Joseph Leeming - Book Using only simple and common household items - handkerchiefs, string, playing cards, coins, thimbles - the 127 magic acts in this fully illustrated guide will help young novices amaze family and friends. Includes classic number and table tricks, mind reading stunts, dice divinations, and more magica
Out of stock. $7.95 $6.12
Decade (2 DVD Set) by Mark Mason - DVD A decade after releasing his first DVD set Real World Magic, Mark's back, with 19 brand new routines and closely guarded moves. These routines are perfect for pre-dinner, corporate events and restaurants. Whether you perform magic just for run or at the top level, DECADE has something for everyone.
Out of stock. $40.00 $32.00
Excalibur (Floating Table WOOD) With DVD by Losander - Trick Excalibur (Floating Table WOOD) With DVDDirk LosanderIntroducing the new Excalibur Floating Table!15 years ago Losander created a special effect "The Floating Table". It is the best Floating Table you have ever seen.EffectA solid table, which is used during the show to hold your props, begins to ris
Out of stock. $999.95 $749.96
Enlightenment Custom Installed Deck by Ben Harris - Trick EXACTLY AS SUPPLIED TO THE WORLD'S SUPERSTARS OF MAGIC EffectCunningly modified MLPV.1 gimmick for more sensitive operation, PLUS: ultra-slim implementation resulting in a "breather block" almost 40% sleeker than previously possible. If you simply can't be bothered doing your own install (taught in
Out of stock. $70.00 $56.00
Lift Off by Mark Mason and JB Magic - Tricks View ClipA regular deck of Bicycles are freely shown and shuffled. Any card is selected, signed and returned to the deck. The magician now states that they will find the card in an unusual manner. The spectator is asked to concentrate on the deck, nothing seems to be happening. Then slowly the top
Out of stock. $10.00
The Thing Platinum Edition (DVD, Props, CD) by Bill Abbott - DVD EffectThe reputation-making one-man levitation that can be performed ANYWHERE! Perform it in a living room, on a large theater stage, or in broad daylight on the street. The Thing can float in any performing situation with your audience viewing from any angle. No matter how close the spectators are,
Out of stock. $200.00
Z'Ball (RED) by Stephane Jardonnet - Trick EffectAn aluminum ball is on the table. The magician places a large silk on the ball. Suddenly, the ball is lit up and starts flying around - UFO or magician style. At the end, the ball goes back on the table and the lights turn off. Z'Ball is a classic aluminium zombie ball revisited with an additi
Out of stock. $50.00 $37.50
Artwerks - DVD Lecture Notes by Arthur Trace - DVD On this DVD you will learn the following routines:27 - While the magician's back is turned a spectator shuffles, selects a card, and cuts the card back into the middle of the deck. The magician then proceeds to face the spectator and asks the spectator to name a number. The spectator counts down in
Out of stock. $25.00 $18.75
Bottoms Up by Tom Burgoon - Trick An unseen force causes an ordinary empty water bottle to levitate and stand upright in the palm of your hand! No threads, wires or magnets! The effect can be performed completely surrounded! You can even borrow the bottle!
Out of stock. $15.00 $11.25
Ultra Elastic Thread (Black) by Ben Harris - Trick 20th Anniversary Edition The Streetwise choice in bulk elastic thread! Unique, Tangle-free Dispenser 6 Routines/Trick Ideas Plus Full Thread Tutorial with all the Pro Tips Created and custom extruded to Ben Harris's exacting specifications, Ultra Elastic Thread has remained the choice of thread prof
Out of stock. $25.00 $18.75
Alpha Reel (Small) by James George - Trick After Ten Years of Extensive Research, the Ultimate Levitation Device is Now Even Better then Ever... You will be floating and levitating all sorts of things with greater ease then ever before, even if you are brand new to Magic!Be the life of the party and amaze your friends and family! Favorite to
Out of stock. $34.95
Alpha Reel (Large) by James George - Trick After Ten Years of Extensive Research, the Ultimate Levitation Device is Now Even Better then Ever... You will be floating and levitating all sorts of things with greater ease then ever before, even if you are brand new to Magic!Be the life of the party and amaze your friends and family! Favorite to
Out of stock. $34.95
Sword Flight by Lance Richardson and Sean Scott - DVD Imagine a sword coming alive! It floats high into the air where it Dives, Hovers, and Chops, as if it were being wielded by a ghost. It finally sails back to the performers hand with uncanny accuracy, but not before the performer moves his arms all around the sword and it dives completely through a
Out of stock. $25.00 $19.25
Breese Double Reel ( Reel Collection ) by Martin Breese - Trick I managed to persuade the guy who used to make these reels for Harry Stanley to produce one more run for me. And as he is such a lazy guy by the time all these have sold out he probably won't want to make any more ever again. All the fuss and bother and how long they took and how many cups of tea he
Out of stock. $75.00 $57.75
Levitator by Andrew Mayne - DVD Andrew Mayne, creator of Illusion EFX and Gut Buster, presents a new DVD dedicated to the art of levitation. Including five levitations for the stage and street; Andrew teaches practical methods for defying gravity that will leave your audiences spellbound. The levitations featured on the DVD includ
Out of stock. $19.95 $15.96
Street Magic Set - Trick Magic and instruction from some of the industry's top professional magicians.This kit has everything you will need to get started in street magic the right way.Such as:Watch stealing (for entertainment) DVDSelf levitation DVDHummer cardFloating billVanishing gimmickVanishing gimmick bookInvisible de
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Miracle Floating Ring by Mike Smith and JB Magic - DVD Mike has created the FINAL WORD in FLOATING RINGS. For over 12 years through 1000's of performances, Mike has perfected one of the most astonishing pieces of magic ever created. A borrowed finger ring is placed onto your little finger. It animates, suspends and floats under impossible circumstances.
Out of stock. $100.00 $78.00
Zombie Ball & Wire Wand 2.0 by Ickle Pickle Products - Tricks A shining silver aluminum ball is seen resting on a pedestal. A silk is displayed and draped over the ball. Slowly the ball rises in a ghostly manner. La Grande Zombie measures 3 1/2" Diameter (8.9cm).Our 2.0 metal line is made of better material, by better tooling, with greater strength and mo
Out of stock. $100.00 $80.00
Lance Burton's Magic Made Easy! Volume 1 - DVD Imagine having the worlds greatest living Magicians as your personal instructor! Well imagine no more!So, you want to amaze your friends and family with a few magic tricks. Perhaps you have dreamed of becoming a professional Magician, entertaining audiences in theaters and nightclubs around the worl
Out of stock. $19.95
MC Light Table by Mikame - Trick A beautiful wooden table that is used during performance as a prop, then becomes a mind blowing effect. The magician covers the table with a Japanese foulard and both hands are shown to the audience.Magic places his palm down on the Table & it begins to RISE & RISE up in the air! The table t
Out of stock. $451.00 $338.25
The Magic Wand's Journey by DAMASO(With Props) - DVD Dmaso, great magician from Spain, has developed The Magic Wand's Journey, a trick tested for years only in Europe, now available for everyone all over the World. You'll make a Magic Wand fly, totally surrounded by the audience, wherever and whenever! And here comes the good part: The trick resets in
Out of stock. $40.00 $30.00
Magic and Mentalism of Barrie Richardson Vol 1 by Barrie Richardson and L&L - DVD VOLUME ONE - PLATFORM MAGIC Ovation Position - A surprising opening routine that involves the entire audience and ends with the production of a huge glass of water - and no gimmick is required! Impossible Knot Routine - A metaphor for how most of us say something is impossible when in fact it can be
In stock. $29.95 $25.76
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Animate Me by Losander - DVD In the world of magic there is only one name that is synonymous with the art of leviation - Losander.World renowned across five continents, Losander has performed his magic in exclusive venues from Europe to Japan to Australia. In 2006, Losander received the Milbourne Christopher Award for illusioni
Out of stock. $35.00
Flaunt (DVD and Gimmick) by Titanas - DVD Remember the look of total amazement on the girls face when David Blaine performed his rising card effect, in his first ever TV special. That show shot him to fame and sealed the rising card as a MUST HAVE effect in all the best close up magicians repertoires. PROBLEM: You want to do the rising card
Out of stock. $15.00 $11.70
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