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Rhine's Dice by Matt Mello Read a spectator’s mind using an ordinary set of dice.
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close-up dice impromptu mentalism mindreading
New Millennium World Tour by Daryl - Book Daryl's New Millennium World Tour was the most extensive magic lecture tour ever to have been undertaken. Over two years Daryl spanned the globe from Las Vegas to London, from Sydney to Stockholm, sharing his special brand of magic at dozens of conventions and literally hundreds of lectures and work
In stock. $11.21
book card dice knives
Nine Sided Die by Angelo Carbone - Trick A large die just over 4" in size is shown and at first impressions seems to be a regular six sided die. However the magician proceeds to show every single side from one to NINE. That's right... one to NINE and not one to six. How can this be when the die is clearly a cube with six sides?Based on a c
In stock. $16.95
close-up dice
Dice Man (with DVD) by Andy Nyman and Alakazam Dice Man could quite possibly be Andy's finest trick to date! The performer explains that he's trying something new in his life-he's given up making decisions for himself and instead rolls the dice and let's chance decide his fate. A spectator is handed a red die and asked to give it a roll to decid
In stock. $35.00
andy-nyman dice
Eccentricks Vol 1. Charlie Frye - video DOWNLOAD Now on Download, the original ECCENTRICKS, teaching numerous offbeat sleight of hand routines and juggling stunts. Many of the tricks on this Download have been featured in my Eccentricks columns in JUGGLE and MAGIC magazines. Now you can see them in action and take advantage of the best learning to
In stock. $34.95
card close-up cups dice download juggling spoon-bend street
Xtreme Beginners (2 DVD Set) Vol.2 - DVD Learn Card Throwing, Pen Spinning, Dice Stacking, and XCM from the world's best! This brand new 2 DVD set from Handlordz destroys the traditional thoughts of manipulation. Never before has such a diverse group of manipulators been assembled to create such an incredible DVD, packaged in classic Handl
In stock. $30.00
card close-up dice dvd manipulation pen street
Flash Dice (T-72) by Tenyo Magic - Trick 1. Six dice are placed into a small case at random and covered with a lid and shaken.2. When the lid is removed, the dice are lined up in order from 1 to 6. With another shake, the order of the dice reverses (6 to 1).3. The magician makes a prediction on a slip of paper. The spectator is asked to th
In stock. $11.25
close-up dice mentalism
Extreme Dice Stacking with Gerry (DVD) Some Of The Most Creative Dice Stacking Routines Ever Invented, Taught By A World-Champion Stacker
In stock. $34.95
close-up dice dvd
Built to Last by Doug Conn (2 DVD Set) THREE HOURS of creative magic from the underground LEGEND, Doug Conn. NOW SHIPPING. ORDER TODAY FOR SPECIAL BONUS.
In stock. $49.95
card close-up coin color-change dice dvd parlor street transposition vanish
Doug Conn LIVE (Instant Download) The most influential magician you've never heard of came to Penguin for a MASSIVE 2-hour live event. SUPPORT LIVE MAGIC. DOWNLOAD THE FULL LECTURE TODAY.
In stock. $29.95
card close-up coin dice penguin-live street
No Jacket Required Carl Andrews, DVD Because Carl works at an outdoor resort/restaurant in the South Pacific, a jacket would not only look out of place, but downright uncomfortable. The effects on this DVD are of the pack small play big variety. They were developed to be carried without a bag, box, briefcase, or bulging pockets. All of
Out of stock. $22.46
card close-up coin dice dvd gambling sponge-trick transposition vanish
Hard 8 by Todd Theman - Trick The perform removes two regular dice and explains that he has become somewhat of a gambling expert. The performer shakes the two dice, rolls them, and after they have audience that he controlled the roll to precisely those numbers. The audience remains in doubt as the performer called the roll after
In stock. $18.74
close-up dice gambling street
It's The Rules ( DICE ROUTINE ) by Bob Sheets - DVD Bob Sheets has taken the Sachs Dice Routine, and cranked it up a serious notch! Magicians are being fooled by the new and deceptive handling. It's just not the same trick anymore. IT'S THE RULES can be performed anywhere, anytime, and without any set-up. You'll love the killer climax! What People Ar
In stock. $18.75
close-up dice dvd
Dice Stacking Todd Strong, DVD A video that teaches you how to stack dice in just a few short hours! Dice Stacking is not only magical, but it's fun too! The art of scooping up a series of dice and stacking them one on top of the other is not nearly as hard as it looks. Professional juggler and entertainer Todd Strong has develop
Out of stock. $18.75
close-up color-change dice dvd
Magic With Dice (World's Greatest Magic) - DVD Imagine the best magic, the best magicians, and the best producers all in one place. Imagine no more... If you could have one set of magic DVDs, this would be it! This benchmark collection features just about all of magic's most enduring and classic effects and routines. It's a fabulous compendium w
In stock. $14.96
Exploding Dice by S. S. Adams - Trick Exploding Dice Trickby S. S. AdamsEffectOne large die inside a clear box...becomes eight little dice, right before your eyes!Age Group: 8 years & Up
Out of stock. $3.29
close-up dice transposition
Evolution (Chop Cup) by Kuniharu Kubo - Trick Evolution will change your image of chop cups.Evolution enables you to SHOW the cup empty. Then WITHOUT loading, production takes place.Spectators actually SEE the cup empty. This makes the effect of the chop cup even stronger.The gimmick is so clever, and functions almost automatically. You do not
Out of stock. $152.10
chop-cup close-up cups dice dvd production stage street vanish
Fifty Outrageous Scams & Hustles by Marvin's Magic - Trick Everything you need to pull off the hustle! This gift includes some classic hustles such as loaded dice, russion roulette and the perfect poker hand.
In stock. $14.96
bar-bets card close-up dice gambling street
Die Box (professional all wood) - Trick The sucker Die-Box is a classic of magic that has stood the test of time. This beautiful die boxes are designed and handcrafted by master wood workers. Even the die is made of wood. Simply beautiful!The magician shows a solid wooden die and a wooden box with two compartments and four doors the die i
Out of stock. $97.50
dice dice-trick die-box
Appearing Dice From Bag by Premium Magic - Trick Effect: The performer shows a paper bag to be completely empty. All the sides of the bag are displayed fairly and the audience is convinced that there could not be anything hidden in it. Yet six solid dice are produced from it! If the performer wished, he may show the bag empty at any time during th
In stock. $15.00
dice dice-magic production stage street
Roll the Dice Card Prediction by Ickle Pickle Products - Trick What you receive is a pair of dice and a deck of cards. The beauty of this effect id that it yields a different result each time.Effect: The magician presents a deck of cards and instructs the spectator to shuffle. After the deck is shuffled the spectator is instructed to roll the dice. Once the dic
In stock. $9.38
card dice prediction
Forcing Dice by Doug Ries (with DVD) - Trick A complete set of gimmicked dice to force any number between 1 and 6. This is a tool and not just one effect in its self such as a thumb tip or coin shell. Great for many magic and mentalist effects.Comes with all 6 forcing dice, 1 regular matching die, dice steal holder and instructional DVD.
In stock. $120.00
close-up dice dice-magic dvd force- gambling utility-
Against All Odds by Wild-Colombini Magic - Trick Several coincidences with two packets of jumbo cards cut in half and a pair of regular dice! Using the two dice, the spectators incredibly match the half-cards! Easy to do. A mindblower! Complete with jumbo cards and a pair of dice.
Out of stock. $10.00
aldo-colombini card colombini dice
Space Dice by Di Fatta - Trick A tiny die is closed between two empty plates, amazingly it changes into a HUGE die! A close up miracle to always keep in your pocket!Amazing, yet easy to perform.The trick comes in a great NEW size (neither too big or to small).Two fun filled routines are supplied together with this ingenious tric
In stock. $6.11
close-up dice
Crooked by Ronnie Ramin Shift the spots on a die to an impossible position.Dr. Sack's dice routine is in the pockets of many performers for a reason-it's a time-tested classic. And while the ending as it was first described is good, it leaves a lot of magicians wanting a little something extra.That's where a gentleman from
In stock. $35.00
close-up dice dvd street walk-around
The Gen Vol.2 by Wild-Colombini Magic - DVD The Gen magazine was published by Harry Stanley just after the second world war. The first issue came out in December 1945. The magazine was published for 26 years with 303 issues covering a total of 8,685 pages. Lewis Ganson, one of the greatest magical writers ever, was the editor until 1971. CONT
In stock. $10.00
card card close-up dice dvd penetration rope
Magigram Vol.7 by Wild-Colombini Magic - DVD MAGIGRAM magazine ran from 1966 to 1995. It was printed by SUPREME MAGIC CO. and edited with superb ability by Ken de Courcy. The collaborators were the best ever, just to name a few: Ken de Courcy, Edwin, Ian Adair, Peter Warlock, Max Maven, Lewis Ganson, Maurice Fogel, Arthur Carter, George Blake,
In stock. $10.00
card card close-up color-change dice dvd mentalism vanish
FLASH DICE CUBE (Red) by G Sparks "The magic Flash gives the Dice Cube the power to melt right through any playing card." SOLID THROUGH SOLID A SELF CONTAINED FLASH MELTS INTO ANY GLASS OR INTO A SPECTATORS HAND Enjoy the Magic by G Sparks The push button electronic flash unit is attached to a playing card and comes in a 3x2x7/8 inc
In stock. $22.49
card dice penetration
FLASH DICE CUBE (White) by G Sparks "The magic Flash gives the Dice Cube the power to melt right through any playing card." SOLID THROUGH SOLID A SELF CONTAINED FLASH MELTS INTO ANY GLASS OR INTO A SPECTATORS HAND Enjoy the Magic by G Sparks The push button electronic flash unit is attached to a playing card and comes in a 3x2x7/8 inc
In stock. $22.49
card dice penetration
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